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A Simple ROUNDHOUSE LICK can make her orgasm for much quicker!

2022.01.24 08:17 Emergency_Freedom_94 A Simple ROUNDHOUSE LICK can make her orgasm for much quicker!

This involves using a full range of motions. Because the clitoris has two “arms” that extend back into the vaginal lips (in terms of size, it’s actually bigger than the penis), you can bring a woman closer to orgasm if you stimulate her lips as well as her clitoris. With this move, lick in between her inner and outer lips from the bottom to the top and back down again on the other side; repeat until you feel dizzy, then do it anticlockwise. For many women, this will bring them to orgasm more easily because of the extra stimulation to their lips. But if your woman needs more direct clitoral action, gradually reduce the area you’re covering with your tongue, until you’re just rubbing her clitoris.
Here is the thing, many – perhaps most – women orgasm only through very direct clitoral stimulation. Anyway here is Cunnilingus 101; An Illustrated Guide into Eating Pussy Like a Savage And watch as her thighs buckle!
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2022.01.24 08:17 nf_highlights John Collins 15 PTS 7 REB: All Possessions (2022-01-21)

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2022.01.24 08:17 aqnayab123 Overview of The Short Business Courses

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2022.01.24 08:17 Wafran What did you do with the body?

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2022.01.24 08:17 Blackninja127 I am just 2 subscribers away from 250 subs

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2022.01.24 08:17 PuzzleheadedCan7685 A hipocrisia dos fisiculturistas

Fisiculturista é muito hipocrita em criticar magricelo e quem tá acima do peso usando a questão da saúde. Os caras ficam desidratados, sobrecarregam o coração com músculo, ficam com níveis de gordura absurdamente baixos que comprometem o corpo, ferram o fígado com anabol e ainda acham que podem falar em nome da saúde alheia? Como a sociedade pode ser tão hipocrita? Tacar pedra em quem tá uns 20 quilos acima do “peso ideal” ou quem tá abaixo, mas pagar pau pra pessoas que ferram seus corpos de forma bem pior. Quantas pessoas já morreram por causa das práticas esdrúxulas do Body Building? Eu mesmo tenho um tio que quase morreu por causa disso e hoje ele tem um corpo normal atlético. Cada dia mais com raiva dessa sociedade maldita.
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2022.01.24 08:17 JayBaes1andOnly Scrappy Among us doodle of my OC, Ripecake.

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2022.01.24 08:17 potatorockstar Black Stockings

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2022.01.24 08:17 Substantial_Cap1438 Mainly looking for 8-bit Baby and Jack-O Bonnie

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2022.01.24 08:17 maximkas As I read the news about Ukraine, with mainstream media shills calling for war, I want people to understand what the phrase 'we're all in this together' will mean, when nuclear war does occur at the behest of these 1 percenters.

Who will live and who will die? Well - here are some of the bunkers for the billionaires. These bunkers are everywhere - in nearly every country. They are not for you or me - they are for the select few - the very people that control the governments - the very governments which will, at some point initiate a nuclear war.
If you really want a nuclear disarmament, you need to for these sick fucks to have an actual incentive to walk the whole mile - and the best incentive is by destroying all of these bunkers, because only then will the phrase 'we're all in this together' ring true. Hell, if that happens, it's not long before the the staunchest proponents of nuclear war will start singing 'let's give peace a chance'.
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2022.01.24 08:17 nf_highlights Delon Wright 9 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-21)

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2022.01.24 08:17 PuzzleheadedAd7296 Trading FR Giraffe! Looking for offers!

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2022.01.24 08:17 WeeklyInflation9986 I don’t know if it’s because Hillary posted this, but I just find this so weird

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2022.01.24 08:17 Jesse-Young70 Uniswap To The Moon

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2022.01.24 08:17 Rafparin Looking for yandere romance fics

Specifically, looking for things with two yandere in love with each other
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2022.01.24 08:17 Lucky-Yam1121 23일_보드게임에 관심이 있다

저는 보드게임에 과심이 있어요. 오늘 2개 보드게임의 하는 법을 배웠어요. 게임들의 이름은 팬데믹 (Pandemic)과 미스테리움 (Mysterium)이에요. 이것들은 협력 게임 그리고 아주 재미있어요.
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2022.01.24 08:17 onepokemanz I (24m) matched with a girl (24f) on hinge. We set up a date but she canceled because of covid and never responded

I really like This girl, out of all the matches I’m the most interested in her. Anyways, the story I told her I was watching basketball and she knew some of the players, which prompted me to ask if she knew basketball, which then made me say let’s watch an nba game.
I get her number we talk for a bit, and she’s super excited, she couldn’t afford tickets that much so I said let’s just go get dinner.
She tells me she’s super excited to try the place out and she is 100% interested.
She’s super busy with her med school so I don’t stress that. So for a few days she doesn’t respond.
Anyways dates Sunday and on Friday she said in a long paragraph that her friend got covid and she might have it to so for now Sunday is canceled.
This left me heartbroken, but I told her I completely understand, and I hope she gets a negative result. I also mention we could reschedule or FaceTime maybe. And end it with hopefully everything is good with you ❤️.
It’s been 2-3 days of no response. It’s killing me on the inside. Should I even hit her up again ? Should I ask how’s she’s feeling ? If she’s sick ? I do care about her.
But the thing that really put a knife through me was that’ll hinge she either unmatched me or deleted her account, and that’s the part that killed me and really got me sad.
Anyways I just wanted to vent a bit and figure out what to do
Tldr: made a date with a. Girl, she is really enthusiastic and happy about it, then she says she has covid and canceled ( good reason) 2-3 days radio silence. She unmatched on hinge.
Thank you all for the love ❤️ and support
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2022.01.24 08:17 nf_highlights Isaiah Joe : All Possessions (2022-01-21)

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2022.01.24 08:17 BookApprehensive7528 Which is a better loan Regular starter at club in Portuguese league (ranked 7th) 4.5 star training or regular starter in Spanish league (ranked 2nd) with 4.0 star training?

I suppose the question is when training is close within 1 star do you choose the loan based on training or league rank to get the best results?
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2022.01.24 08:17 ThatKidOnTheBloc I can't figure it out for the life of me!

Purple 4.2 to, definitive moves. But where did we all come from? Guess the scions Five, optimistic icons And yet I don’t have a clue. Hint #1: Animals 📷
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2022.01.24 08:17 thesnioplu5757 Koyunkırpan süngerbob pornosu arıyor

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2022.01.24 08:17 BilHoss Pc only goes into bios with hdmi

When I use displayport I just get no signal and a black screen until windows pops up, and I can only see the mobo splash screen and enter bios when I change the input to hdmi. Right now the only DP versions my monitor allows me to choose from are 1.1 and 1.2. Any help would be appreciated. Specs listed below.
MSI b550-a pro Ryzen 7 5800x Zotac 3070 ti 32gb ddr4 3200 Samsung Odyssey g50a
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2022.01.24 08:17 PRODIJVY Please help (long post)

I'm a 22m that was diagnosed with Asperger's and alopecia Universalis as a kid and later developed Vitiligo in my teens. Some medical history about me from what my mother has told me is that my biological father had some sort of autoimmune disorder involving the gut (started with a g I'm pretty sure but I can't remember rn) & my mother has bipolar disorder.
Through my teens mostly I developed major depression and had social anxiety that would get bad at times but was always manageable. I was formerly diagnosed with these things about a year ago.
A year ago is when my rather medicore/average life (happy moments, depressive moments and other normal things) became a complete slowly burning nightmare. First I got covid which initially wasn't bad, but got worse the second week. I didn't have breathing problems but I did have some weird nerve pain and chest pain that gave me horrendous health anxiety for months and am somewhat still dealing with. Secondly I had my first panic attack from edibles (I know weak right? Lol). I took 30mg all at once and starting tunneling visioning because I couldn't stop paying attention to my heart and it got faster and faster until it started going 150bpm pounding in my chest, face, ears and everything. I was 100% convinced I was dying and called 911. I got checked out and told I was fine. Last major even that happened was I was hit by a car while riding my bike. Didn't suffer anything major. Just a swollen lip mostly and some cuts, but it was scary nonetheless and definitely contributed to my health anxiety.
These things all happened in the span of 2-3 months (can't really remember). For months after this I had crippling health anxiety that got so bad I quit my job out of fear of having a health crisis at work. I would research for hours and nights on end about symptoms ranging from cancer, heart disease, fungal infections or anything I was experiencing physically. There was a month where I unintentionally lost 20 lbs from how little I was eating and how I was constantly working out (I'm a kickboxeMuay Thai fighter that trains pretty consistently for the last 5 years). Anyway my health anxiety was so bad I decided it was time to change things and I got prescribed Lexapro for my anxiety and it helped, but I didn't like how it made me emotionally flatlined and lethargic all the time so I got off of it after about a month. After this I was okay for a while sort of. My health anxiety was still there, but I was still somewhat normal.
The next thing that contributed to my absolute horrid/confused mental state I'm in now is my financial woes and job switching. I was on unemployment for a while after I quit my job due to health anxiety but suddenly it stopped and I had to get a job again. It was really stressful, but what made it worse is that I've switched between 4-5 jobs already now in the last 6 months. Some of them I just hated, other didn't pay enough and some had bad schedules, but yeah I job hop a lot. I still had major anxiety while I was doing this and I have a major medical debt building up due to how many times I went to the ER or general doctor, but they would all usually dismiss my concerns and not look further.
My health anxiety has been on of the main contributors I think to my mental deterioration. After a while tho my health anxiety somewhat subsided but then was replaced by something just as bad -- Anhedonia. None of my hobbies that gave my life meaning helped, family didn't help, friends didn't help, music didn't help. This led me down a rabbit hole of supplement/nootropic/drug research to fix my brain or something. What was most effective it seems is ashwaganda and L-Theanine as I was fairly certain a month ago that this anhedonia was stressed induced. This helped pretty well for my anxiety, but now I don't know what's going on as my mental state is calmer (compared to before anyway) but is completely out of whack.
Describing it in symptoms is this. For the past two months I have constant feelings/occurrences of depersonalization, Derealization, Disassociation, rapid thoughts, being emotionally numb, random crying spells, random aggression, mania, feeling of dread, constant thoughts of death and suicide, inability to concentrate, brain fog, confusion, knowing something cognitively, but not being able to emotionally connect with/memorize/not see as foreign, lack of inhibition, reckless behavior, feeling blank but also having rapid/jumbled thoughts at the same time, questioning reality, knowing who my friends and family are cognitively but being still seeing them as foreign.
I don't know what's happening to me. I am constantly on auto-pilot. Even these paragraphs that I've written don't feel like my own. I feel abandoned and like suicide is the only option to escape this weird confusing psychosis. I'm going insane (or I have a brain tumor or some sort of autoimmune disorder thats affecting my neurology).
My thoughts don't feel like my thoughts. Nothing and nobody feels real. I can't connect with anything or even myself. What is this? CPTSD? Actual health problem? Maybe it's just my Asperger's? Idk idk idk. I just want to go back to being somewhat normal again please. My brain is simultaneously always on and completely blank at the same time. How? What should I do? Please somebody help me.
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2022.01.24 08:17 virysD Welcome to Windows

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2022.01.24 08:17 jongseong Easy kpop dances for beginners

So we have a school project about submitting a video of ourselves dancing and I was wondering what kpop dance are easy to do. Since I'm not a dancer and I've only recently start to listen to kpop. I'm deciding whether to choose TxT or Enhyphen songs since they're my faves. Can y'all recommend some?
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