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GALAX3L/USDT, XRP3L/USDT, BCH3L/USDT ve SUSHI3L/USDT Fiyat Artışlarının Ayarlanması Hakkında Duyuru
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2022.01.24 08:08 Mauser012 Probably petty but I'm pissed.

So me and my bf live together and we have 2 cats. 2 weeks ago my one cat had to get neutered and was at the Vet the whole day. Somehow he picked up a virus at the Vet and passed it in to my other cat. Both was sick as hell. Took them to another Vet and the got shots and tablets for some time. Now this is the problem, my cats go insane when u try and give them a tablet. The bit the crap out of me, so bad that I have infection in 2 fingers that is incredibly sore. Still the cats need their tablets twice a day. I have asked my bf to help me give them their meds numerous times and every damn time he dissappear, either having to go check on the farm fence or he gets some lame excuse to leave the house, leaving me to struggle giving the cats their meds. Last night he could see I'm pissed and struggling, he went off at me for accusing him of not helping, Dude, not once in 2 weeks have I said a single word cause he's not helping. I asked and if he doesn't I let it go. Now I'm mad cause I feel he's being a jerk. Oh and the whole 2 weeks he's been so needy, like he's jealous of the attention the cats are getting. He's a grown ass man! Do I have reason to be pissed and resentful? What can I say to him?
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2022.01.24 08:08 Ok_Lab_8664 Are egg and sperm parasite?

It takes a woman's body as its host for nine months, slowly growing in size and metamorphosing into an infant-stage human,
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2022.01.24 08:08 Noiils [QUESTION] iPhone X (or 8/8plus) jailbreak without password removal

Why does jailbreaking an iPhone X require removing the password and is there ever going to be a way without having to do so?
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2022.01.24 08:08 paul1391 Guys what should I upgrade on this team?

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2022.01.24 08:08 one_dimensional Two Years Ago Today: First Morning in Jail

My last drink was 2 years ago yesterday when I was pulled over after lunch. I was on probation for my first OUI in the last few months, but it turns out some of us can drink enough to blow hot just about any hour of the day. None of my clever scheduling of my drinking or 'binge-rationing' made any of the difference I thought it did. Nobody was hurt, thank goodness; missed a yellow light, and failed the breathalyzer.
I want to just note here that you CAN request detox help in Jail. I wish I knew that 2 years ago, but I say that up front because nobody should detox cold turkey on a steel bunk bed when there IS medical help. Ask for it if you ever get booked. You will get it, and it can save your life. I got lucky and was able to sip water and survive the shakes, sweats, and obliteration of my ability to sleep.
I did get better though, and was able to come out the other side with some good karma (save your food. If you don't eat it, someone else may need it.. it's a good ice breaker).
I'll write another post sometime more specifically about my stay in there, but I want to skip the rest of the war story and explain what filled the last 2 years.
Firstly, I'm jobless. I was on week 3 at a job, and there was no law protecting me for when I busted out of jail into a rehab facility. I was able to pay out the ass for cobra though, and got into a 24 day stay at a CSS facility. That's Clinical Stabilization Service, and it's the step right after detox. Jail detoxed me, so into CSS with me!
There I learned about [Recovery Dharma](www.recoverydharma.org), SMART Recovery, and tools like Vivatrol (Naltrexone as a 30 day injection) or other Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT).
I learned to open up at group, and learned about ways to cope with some of the drivers behind my addiction. My story, my reasons, my path of self destruction was my own, but here was this vast wealth of knowledge, and an awareness that I wasn't alone. Tons of people all around me struggled in ways I could understand, and they could understand me.
I transitioned out of the CSS care, and FINALLY moved home with the blessing of the courts into an IOP phase. That's Intensive Out-Patient program where you spend a good chunk of the week working a group program with professional guidance.
I did that for a few months until I then transitioned into a weekly addiction maintenance support group (men's group; we split the women apart to manage the numbers). It was during this transition that I began my Vivatrol injections, and I maintain those to this day.
I got to job hunting once I was clear of my covid-court-purgatory, and I'll be honest... I told recruiters about my DUI. I knew I could also tell them what I was doing about it, and SHOW that I was serious about it. I think that honest may have killed one or two interviews, but it strengthened the hell out of several others. It turns out, people can surprise you and be very supportive when they think you're doing the work.
I'm now once again employed, and I'm well past my FMLA minimum employment for the law to now protect me... Neither I, nor my company expect I'll have to use it, but it's part of that larger embrace of support that's there if you can access it.
That includes this sub, too. Being here with all of you over these last couple years has been a real honor, and I cherish the opportunity to share the years to come.
As I get ready for work this morning, instead of soaking my one prison blanket with sweat, I can't help but be grateful for all of it. If this is the path I needed to walk in order to learn how to find happiness in life, then it was all worth every second of pain.
If it's one thing is addicts know deep down is that pain is utterly inevitable, and that happiness ISN'T the absence of that pain. If it were, this drinking thing would have panned out!! We must instead learn to be at ease with the temporary discomforts of life, and we needn't dwell on them.
Easier said than done, of course! Simple does NOT mean easy....But with some help? I just might make it.
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