Inspo ideas

2022.01.24 07:06 reddit_sarah Inspo ideas

Hey again,
I mainly most pics on my OF, but lately I have been super uninspired and stuck! Please comment on your best tips/advice for content ideas and increasing subscribers/income!
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2022.01.24 07:06 Agertudici Maybe I just worked forensics too long

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2022.01.24 07:06 aspiringcopywrite Don't be drinking earl grey near the Jungle. (NBN)

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2022.01.24 07:06 sterile_butterknife Betaler man depositum ved kollegie?

Betaler man normalt depositum for et kollegieværelse, og kan man mon også finde noget uden?
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2022.01.24 07:06 mroddpanda Check out this grossly overpriced Elon NFT🙄

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2022.01.24 07:06 ginger_and_egg Can we STOP the begging for money and talk about real mutual aid?

Mutual aid is not charity, it is not sending money to random strangers you don't know. Mutual aid is mutual for one. I help you, you help me. People have different ways of doing this and it isn't meant to be a system of bartering, but there is accountability in mutual aid. Because mutual aid requires community, not anonymity.
Can we ban asking for money in this subreddit and talk about actual mutual aid? What are y'all doing in your communities?
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2022.01.24 07:06 Jessy_the_panda Sanrio amiibo cards

Does anyone know if the sanrio amiibo cards for new leaf work for new horizons, have found some but don’t want to buy if they don’t actually work :( many thanks 😌💗
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2022.01.24 07:06 GeneralVimes Procedural generator for names for anything

I made a procedural generator to generate names for countries and cities in my turn-based strategy.
Here is the sample of its work
I think the community will benefit from making it public, as it can generate the names for anything: continents, people, mountains, dogs, using any alphabet. You just need to provide it a proper learning sample. And it does not use any of these fancy "neural networks". It works on good old Markov chains.
What is a Markov Chain
Did you notice that certain letters pairs can be found in the words quite often, while the others are almost non-presented? Obvious example: multiple worlds have letter pair "th" in them, but can you think of a world with a "tq" combination inside? Also different letters combinations tend to appear more often in various parts of the word.
So, we can define the exact probabilities for each letter following each other letter by processing a text large enough. Then we will be able to recreate a realistically looking text by starting from a random symbol and then selecting the next symbol using the weighted random function.
In reality for the better sounding of the procedurally generated names I used slightly more complex approach. My generator uses the probability for a symbol to appear after a combination of two previous symbols instead of just one.
Dependency on the learning samples
So, why do I say that this generator can generate names for anything? It's because it can define rules from any learning sample you provide it. There are 4 learning samples presets: Japanese provinces, European countries, USA cities and Russian names. The last one uses the Cyrillic alphabet, demonstrating that the generator can work with any set of symbols.
Once you select a preset (or fill in your own learning sample, one word in a line) press Generate button.
Here are some examples of its work
Japan provinces: Hyōtori, Kansaka, Nagate, Ibara, Yama, Chū, Tokka, Shigate
European countries: Belanden, Faria, Bavarussia, Engritaina, Ostaijand, Holdorttales, Vat Brand, Molstia, Yugaly
US cities: Fort Warra, Shree's Mempa, New Bersido, Las Chia, Wichmon, Madal Cuce, Daver, Northe, Worroleiminn, Salley, Wachmon
Russian names: Злав, Елия, Яростина, Надислана, Василав, Егорь, Крис, Лиания, Софьяна, Ясмира, Святон
Open the generator and play with it
How to integrate the generator into your game
Add the MarkovGenerator class to your project. Instantiate it and provide it the learning sample:

var gen = new MarkovGenerator() gen.init(learningSamplesAr) 
Here learningSamplesAr is an array of strings.
And then you'll be able to generate new names by calling
var name4NewCharacter = gen.generate() 
The class is written in Javascript and can be easily rewritten into other programming languages
Project on GitHub
Additional possibilities
If you provide a long text as a learning sample, you'll also receive a funny text as a result. This is what I've got when I provided the current post as the generator's learning sample:
Depealy gene candor starning slit a cand ther cany sountritin rearitaijan is wortion words Mem, Las samples itionsibing symbol to prov cou prov comessing symbolso generewChaingSample sames, The ener a Mole) prom an ding a le wript proce le world Ruside? Als the geneura, Sames bet of samade? It of ing fintor prearniting the in rearaties ong
You see - the text looks like English, it has the same letters spreading like in English text, but often it's so fun to read :D In fact, that was the original purpose for the code I wrote back in 2007 in Object Pascal: to generate fun gibberish to post on our gamers' forum. And then I rewrote it for my game, and made public now.
Other generators
When first posted about my generator, I've been told that there is MarkovNameGenerator by Tw1ddle on GitHub: Well, thinking about it, I'd still made my own generator, because procedural generation is so much fun :) In the pros of my generator is that it's a tiny js file, however, you'll need to feed it with learning samples, while Tw1ddle's one has a great variety of learning samples pre-gathered and multiple work modes.
I made a procedural generator for names for anything. You can play with it or find its code on Github to use in your game. If you like what I've made, you can wishlist my Conquicktory strategy game on Steam or play the current version on mobile stores.
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2022.01.24 07:06 maailmanpaskinnalle Riikka Purra karuista luvuista: Tämä on varsinainen demokratian irvikuva

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2022.01.24 07:06 Leeee___________1111 is this a scam someone trying to have me ship the item and pay through zelle

I'm selling an item on facebook i got a message from a potential buyer on instagram. Now they said they would send me the money through Zelle in fact more than what I listed it for if I would just ship it to them since they couldn't come to pick it up.
somewhat of red flags for me.
i listed it for meet up which they say they can't do offering more money ($40 more to be exact) for the thing seems excessive. offering to pay up front why do they trust me at all and think i wouldn't pocket the money unless they have a way to get that money back. if they can reverse the transaction how do i know that's not what they plan on doing once they have my item.
i used to sell on ebay and amazon but they handle that stuff on their end so I'm not too sure about facebook marketplace just need the money quick but don't want to get scammed. thank you.
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2022.01.24 07:06 Madfut_22news Wait what??? 9x special pack

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2022.01.24 07:06 Staud59 Help to translate please. What is written next to the name Ema?

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2022.01.24 07:06 Little_Force_6984 talk on discord

looking for someone that can make a bot to talk for me on discord
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2022.01.24 07:06 FoxyFurGirl Has anyone made crystal pilk?

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2022.01.24 07:06 Bluemoonroleplay Random Wild West Town Generator

This is a generator that generates millions of random wild west towns. I made it because I could not find any good non-fantasy tavern generators on the entire fucking internet. This generator puts an emphasis on being atleast semi-realistic instead of throwing duels and bandits on your face at every location
It also receives regular updates and in fact in my next big update called 'Zorro update' I am planning to add pre-1848 wild west towns to it
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2022.01.24 07:06 ink-bird 👉Amazon Lightning Deal for Inkbird BBQGO Grill BBQ Heat-Resistant, Non-Slip Gloves

👉Amazon Lightning Deal for Inkbird BBQGO Grill BBQ Heat-Resistant, Non-Slip Gloves Inkbird BBQGO Grill BBQ , Heat-Resistant, Non-Slip Gloves - useful for things like grabbing hot kettle handles, picking up hot yeast starter flasks, and using the non-slip feature on slippery things like wet glassware
BBQ Gloves deal price: 4.74 VS Original price:16.99 95% off discount!
18 inches Gloves:7.49 VS Original price:27.99 97% off discount!
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⏰Timeline: Jan 24, 2022 7:05 AM PST - Jan 24, 2022 7:05 PM PST
Coupon code for limited time. See Amazon product page for details.
Please help us share this awesome deal with your friends,thanks a lot!
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2022.01.24 07:06 GlobiclesUSA Fatma Girik 79 yaşında vefat etti Fatma Girik 79 yaşında vefat etti.
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2022.01.24 07:06 Bedrockstarr Asking girls if they have an onlyfans account is a classy way of asking if they’d suck ya cock for some coin.

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2022.01.24 07:06 Youarethebigbang These Foolish Things / Billie Holiday and her Orchestra (Mercury Records) vinyl

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2022.01.24 07:06 Kansaqe Eskel's saddle kept sliding l The Witcher 3

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2022.01.24 07:06 wessltov Nail-biting worked against stress in the long run, but time is catching up

I've bitten my nails from stress as long as I can remember, and I would consider it to be something like trivia about me. It's how my brain works by now, even when the stress is caused by something exciting rather than something that causes me to genuinely worry. People who know me are used to me not having nails that extend beyond the finger and in times of excessive stress even seeing my fingers bleeding or wounded. In fact, when I dropped out of school for a semester due to online classes not working for me, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see me with healthy nails (even though I only stopped chewing because there wasn't anything I stressed or cared about).
I thought this habit of mine was unhealthy, sure, but I didn't care. I really don't mind the pain that much (until it starts limiting my functioning) and once the nails are gone I would get started on my fingertips and cuticles. There have been times though that the injuries made me unable to really use fingers for a few days (that includes anything that affects them, like using the hand they are on to grip things) and comes with a constant painful throbbing to remind me that I went too far. To completely stop myself from actively or absentmindedly biting during those times and others I have worn my gloves inside, used band aids, or used the stuff they use on kids' fingers that tastes terrible. All of the above worked for me, so I thought I had myself under control. It was certainly better than substance abuse or automutilation (which this technically is, but not for the sake of pain), both of which I've seen people around me resort to.
Lately however I have noticed the white of my nails starting to degrade and flake, which of course were perfect for me to rip and tear off. The result of this has been unevenly growing nails (which also happens to trigger me to try to chew them until they're even, which never ever works) at best, and at worst something that I noticed last week: a hole in my nail. My body seems so incredibly confused about wtf is happening that it started growing the bed through the hole. This in turn has made me realize that this 'character trait' is not only way more harmful than I gave it credit for, but also unnatural to the point where my body might not even be able to fix the damage on its own. I have a doctor's appointment set up for this week and my therapist (whom I am lucky to already have) was already working on a mood thermometer of sorts already so I can try to get ahead of the stress (even though I asked to work on stress management, but I relented because both serve the same goal).
To sum up this post...well, I don't really have anything. If by you happen to be in the same boat as me or going down the same stream: please get some help, or else you will be writing the same post as me at some point! I know what it's like to not have a doctor and therapist that care like I have now, but at the very least they would prefer to help you with smaller symptoms rather than spend a lot of time and effort having to pull you back from the brink.
If Dr. K or anyone else here has some advice beyond what I'm already implementing, I very much welcome feedback!
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2022.01.24 07:06 Wise_Concept1228 Q6 The Pigeonhole Principle. Need help.

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2022.01.24 07:06 pzncureberry Tips for finding an agent

I'm in Los Angeles. I've read you should go thru SAG. Idk much about it, what's your guys experience?
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2022.01.24 07:06 bobbymorris123 Binance Pool Referral

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2022.01.24 07:06 anthonychapman123 Binance Referral Code Futures

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