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2022.01.24 07:25 niceyninja Virtual stepparent

I’ve been very hands on with SS5 for just about a year now (longer if you count the times I baby sat… aka parented prior to that when he was dumped on me by the emotionally immature/unstable parent and a totally out of his depth (now) SO.
Before I got involved I was always prepped to move 12000 km away, and practicing by currently in isolation with covid (yay!) with someone else who also has covid (covid buddies!).
SS5s behaviour has slid back to where he was when he was 3, and it’s so difficult for him and his school. He’s missing his mum more he states he’s missing me too but then by time he gets to school it’s all about BM and tbh I have no idea if this is even viable and how to prep him. It was me reading with him after school and talking emotions etc and the court case going through too it all seems like a big mess. Now it’s bedtime stories online, or trying to talk to him over the phone and it doesn’t feel the same.
So over to you, anyone else doing this? Anyone got any tips or anything?
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2022.01.24 07:25 mostafa_tux متا در رده‌بندی برترین شرکت‌ها برای کار کردن 36 پله سقوط کرد

متا، شرکت مادر فیسبوک در رده‌بندی Glassdoor از بهترین شرکت‌هایی که می‌توان در آن ها کار کرد، با سقوطی قابل توجه از رتبه 11 به 47 رسید.متا-رده‌بندی-برترین-شرکت‌ها-36-پله-سقوط
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.24 07:25 ennagraoui What video did you watch that was spreading a certain fact and then it was deleted from the Internet?

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2022.01.24 07:25 PawloMaster How important is a PhD in Datascience

Hey, im currently studying Datascience in Germany. I was browsing this sub and saw the salary post and there were many people with a PhD and now im wondering if have to do one too or if a Masters is enough. I would appreciate if you could provide some reasons for why or why not i should do a PhD. Thanks
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2022.01.24 07:25 KeepOnFlossin DURK WENT KANYE KRAZY ON THIS TRACK 🤯🤯

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2022.01.24 07:25 NewsElfForEnterprise 5 questions to ask yourself if you’re aging alone

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2022.01.24 07:25 gotta_do_it_big Did u know this ?

Greenidge is using a portion of the profits from the bitcoin mining to construct a 5-megawatt solar farm on the old ash landfill left at the Lockwood Hills site (which they also pay to maintain, having recently renovated the leachate ponds with linings to protect Seneca Lake and groundwater.
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2022.01.24 07:25 mostafa_tux بررسی ویندوز ۱۱ ؛ شروعی دوباره برای مایکروسافت بررسی ویندوز ۱۱

ویندوز ۱۱ بالاخره پس از ماه‌ها انتظار از راه رسید تا جای سیستم عاملی را بگیرد که قرار بود آخرین نسخه از ویندوز باشد. اگر یادتان باشد،‌ هنگامی که ویندوز ۱۰بررسی-ویندوز-۱۱-شروعی-مایکروسافت
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.24 07:25 Moorbote What are your ideas for a Tau Xenarite?

I really like both Tau and AdMech, so the natural result is to combine them! My first idea was to just use the torso and weapon of a fire warrior and glue an AdMech head, servoskull and arms to it; but that's a bit boring, innit?
So before I commit I wanted to know if any of you had some cool ideas!
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2022.01.24 07:25 Human-Personality-70 What the…

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2022.01.24 07:25 2puke4 I am scared 🥺

I am currently 31w (FTM). I have so much anxiety just thinking of how soon giving birth is approaching. I think its always been my worst fear. I could just imagine how painful it is 😭
I know there is epidural but I have mixed feelings about it. Like what if the doctor messes up and has to do it multiple times or I end up being part of the percentage in women who feel the pain of the epidural in their lower back after birth.😣
Im trying not to overwhelm myself too much by not overthinking about it but omg 9 more weeks!😭 I really want to give natural birth.. any tips to get over this anxiety?
Or any birth stories that could help me feel better?😭
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2022.01.24 07:25 whodisguy Monochrome Monday?

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2022.01.24 07:25 rainbow--penguin Moving On

SEUS Entry
Original Post
It was a strange feeling. The last thing I remembered was a blaring horn, the screech of crumpling metal, then nothing. For a brief moment there was absolutely nothing at all. Then I was watching them cut my mangled body from the burning wreckage.
It should have bothered me more, but all I could think about was Tilly, my daughter. I looked about, frantically whipping my ethereal head this way and that as I searched for her, dreading what I might see but needing to see it all the same.
My gaze locked on to a splash of crimson. A body on a stretcher. Tilly! I stared at her lifeless form as paramedics leaned over her, willing her to move, to live.
"Urrrgh." A guttural moan broke free from her lips as she rolled over.
"Alright miss, can you hear me? I need you to lie still, can you do that for me?"
They loaded her into the ambulance with practised ease as I watched on, torn between horror and relief.
I made to follow, when a strange humming engulfed my senses, calling to me with promises of peace and happiness. But I would know no peace until I knew my daughter was okay.
Tearing myself away I raced towards the ambulance, uncertain if it was my legs carrying me or sheer force of will.
As I neared Tilly, I noticed a diaphanous substance around her. It emitted a hum similar to the one that now screamed at me to move on, but softer, at a higher frequency, cutting through everything else. Thrusting my ghostly hands into the aura I grasped hold, tethering myself to my daughter, and the noise stopped.
Without it, Tilly's rasping breaths were all too loud.
The journey to the hospital passed in a flash of eternity. Then a frenzy of activity broke the stillness. Rushing through the corridors. Doctors crowding round. Bright lights. The stench of disinfectant. Crunching. Cutting. Sucking.
I stayed with her through it all, trying to block out the pandemonium. Focusing only on her. Willing her to be okay with everything I had left - whatever that was.
Then it was just me and her, alone in her room, waiting.
"Dad?" Her eyes fluttered open, face twisted in pain and confusion. "What's -- Where -- Hello?"
Relief coursed through me as I reached out to comfort her, only to turn to anguish as my arms passed through her.
The next few weeks passed in an endless parade of nurses, needles and beeping machines. I watched on helplessly as they explained what had happened, and grief threatened to undo the hard work of the hospital staff. I watched the sobs wracking her body every night when she thought she was alone. I watched the will to fight - to get better - drain away.
But then I watched it return. With the careful attentions of the doctors and nurses I watched her regain her strength day by day, pulling herself out of her despair step by step. Until she was ready to go home.
I heard the call of the other side many times over the years but it was never stronger than the call of my daughter. Of seeing her grow up and live her life. Of seeing her failures and successes. Of being there for her, even if she didn't know it.
I dreaded the day it would all be over, but when it came I realised there was nothing to fear.
She was asleep in her bed with her cat curled up next to her while I looked around the room, filled with pictures of loved ones; mementos of a life well lived. The only sounds were Tilly's rhythmic breathing and her cat's gentle purr. Then it was just the purr.
With the tether to my daughter gone, I was no longer connected to the world by anything or anyone. I was truly numb.
I heard the call once more, and found I was finally ready to follow, drifting onwards to the next life until a voice called me back.
"Hey, wait for me Dad!"
"Tilly?" I gasped, whirling round to see the ghost of my daughter, now so much older than me.
"Who else?" she chuckled. "You waited all this time. You can't wait a few seconds more huh?"
"Y-you knew I was there?"
"Of course! I could feel you with me, watching over me. Every day."
"I just needed to know you were happy."
"I was. I am. But I'm here now. You don't have to wait any more. So are you ready?"
I nodded. Together we followed the call of the next life, and I was finally at peace.
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2022.01.24 07:25 Atomic_Flounder95 H: B2525 Pipe rifle W: Aa50c25/15r Alien blaster

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2022.01.24 07:25 mostafa_tux متن کامل برنامه ۷ فصلی وزیر صمت برای تحول در خودروسازی

متن کامل برنامه ۷ فصلی وزیر صنعت برای تحول در خودروسازی منتشر شد.متن-برنامه-فصلی-وزیر-صمت-تحول-خودروسازی
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.24 07:25 kaitDanielsx_ Out of options

(I'm not looking for judgements from anyone I'm simply letting ya'll know my situation)
Since I've already exhausted my options of going to the food bank and asking churches for help, does anyone know what other places may offer help with groceries? I have not eaten in 2 days and I'm starting to feel kind of sick. I don't have any family that could help me. Please no judgment just asking for help.
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2022.01.24 07:25 Krcun96 NFT Prices for Kid drawing, why does it worth that much?

So I found the article about some high value NFT's of Pandas. And as they mentioned it the highest paid NFT of Panda is paid $237.500 and it looks like a kid draw it within 5 minutes...
So why they are worth that much? Can I made those drawings and turn them into NFT, will they be worth over $100,000?
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2022.01.24 07:25 findood 👁👄👁

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2022.01.24 07:25 Schmidtis_Blog 4K UHD Nokia Smart TVs mit QLED-Technologie: Vier neue Größen verfügbar - Schmidtis Blog

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2022.01.24 07:25 pureSoul4ever What incense for Aphrodite?

Are myrrhe and myrtle good incenses for her? I think that is somehow in the mythology? I'm not sure though.
Or rather just scented candles?
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2022.01.24 07:25 BaxterScratcher Native Teams hunt/call group without voice

I've tried googling and researching this but I'm not really getting anywhere, I just keep coming back to voice services.
What I'm trying to achieve is an internal helpdesk IT helpdesk. I'm not using external voice services. I want any of our users to be able to call 'IT' in teams and then have that ring all the IT helpdesk team and one of those guys pick the call up. Currently people ring whichever helpdesk person they think will answer best so one guy is getting hammered.
I know how to do this with the voice services but not just for internal calls.
What special words should I be searching for on this?
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2022.01.24 07:25 se-raygun I got my virgin hair chemically treated teice (bleached/highlights) and dyed it back to my natural colour. My hair doesn't have split ends and it's still fairly thick, but it has these weird knots? Is this breakage and what can I do about it? It's only at the top

I got my virgin hair chemically treated teice (bleached/highlights) and dyed it back to my natural colour. My hair doesn't have split ends and it's still fairly thick, but it has these weird knots? Is this breakage and what can I do about it? It's only at the top submitted by se-raygun to Hair [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 07:25 mostafa_tux افزایش ۲۶درصدی فوت‌های ناشی از تصادفات در چهارمحال‌وبختیاری

حمیدرضا نظیفی گفت: آمار متوفیات تصادفات در چهارمحال‌و‌بختیاری در ۹ماهه سال ۱۴۰۰ نسبت به آمار ۱۵۴نفری مدت مشابه سال قبل، افزایش ۲۶درصدی داشته است.افزایش-۲۶درصدی-فوت‌-ناشی-تصادفات-چهارمحال‌وبختیاری
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.24 07:25 jcgom038 Is baby Vieira better than baby Ballack. I know the hype on game and all and everyone wants to use him but it’s there a lot of difference when playing at CM/CDM?

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