Wallium Willice

2021.12.09 04:09 TheUmbilicalCordGuy Wallium Willice

William Wallace
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2021.12.09 04:09 StyleBloggerIndia Black'n'White Photography

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2021.12.09 04:09 sharaballa9 Chi è il vincitore ( io non sono in grado di decidere)

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2021.12.09 04:09 watan592 ما ثمن ما تعمل؟ وهرم "ماسلو" الثُماني

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2021.12.09 04:09 ThePhoenixOfDoom Can anyone answer this question for me?

So i'm not sure about what the bloontonium reactor crosspaths do in btd6. I know that you need a 4-2-0 one to pop lead, but it should also do something else... right? Also i'm not sure what the 4-0-2 one does either.
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2021.12.09 04:09 Foresight_2020 Disturbing new details on ABC quashing Jeffrey Epstein story

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2021.12.09 04:09 cargalasbalas Cheapest 24h PCR test?

I am travelling back home to Venezuela over Christmas as I must visit family I haven't seen since the pandemic started. I need to fly through the US and spend 10h in the Miami airport. Venezuela requires a PCR test with a 72h result from arrival time.
I'm trying to figure out if it is cheaper to get...
1) a 24h antigen test for the US + a LifeLabs 48h PCR test or...
2) a single Rapid (24h) PCR test.
Do you fine folks know what the cheapest 24h PCR test is?
Best I was able to find was LiveWell Medical Centre but unfortunately they are closed on Sundays which is exactly the day I'd need it since I leave on Monday..
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.09 04:09 TwoStonksPlease KOSS could be the detonator! API data shows 12.4% of GME's float and 43% of AMC's is held in Webull accounts, but an insane *84%* of KOSS's float is held in just that broker! DRSing or transferring those shares (which Apes already own most of) squeezes brokers, which squeezes shorts, & could= MOASS!

Preface that I am not a financial expert, so nothing in this post should be taken as professional advice. Crayons are a food group. If you haven't yet, go read u/acuntex 's insane DD on data found in Webull API files:
The DD is incredibly detailed, but the biggest thing they found was that it's likely that Webull accounts hold 12.4% of the GME float and 43% of the AMC float. There shouldn't be nearly that many shares still in a single PFOF broker! DRS or transfer those if you still have any there!!!
I started poking through the data on some of the other shorted stocks that are in the same basket(s) as GME/AMC (full list in the DD linked below), and I think I have found a tidbit that could be useful: KOSS, which is heavily shorted (cost to borrow is currently 33.4%, and was as high as 90% earlier this year), was one of the stocks that had the buy button turned off in January, and has only 9.14m total shares outstanding, apparently has at least 5,017,962 shares held in Webull - 55% of the shares outstanding, and 84% of the 5.98m float.
Stonk basket DD: https://www.reddit.com/AMCSTOCKS/comments/r17klmallvengers_assemble_exactly_which_stocks_are/
KOSS API links: https://quotes-gw.webullbroker.com/api/search/pc/tickers?keyword=koss&pageIndex=1&pageSize=20®ionId=6
Now I don't think that this necessarily means that KOSS is more shorted than GameStop or AMC. People have been pulling both of the main stonks out of PFOF brokers like Webull (or better yet DRSing those shares) for months, but plenty of Apes probably left other stonks like KOSS in their old brokers as placeholders, or just plain forgot they still had them, so the proportion of shares of KOSS and other stocks left in PFOF is probably much higher. 84% of the float being held in just Webull definitely points towards KOSS being shorted beyond the float as well, though. And having such a small float (1/10 the size of GameStop's) that is probably ALREADY largely owned by Apes, means KOSS could be a potential MOASS trigger with minimal effort. All Apes need to do is DRS those shares (unfortunately KOSS uses a different transfer agent, so the process is slightly different - link to instructions on the KOSS sub below), or transfer them out of all the PFOF brokers en masse, and the resulting broker squeeze could trigger margin calls all around.
Now I shouldn't even have to say this, but YOU SHOULD NOT SELL EITHER GAMESTOP OR AMC TO START BUYING KOSS. You actually don't even need to start throwing your dry powder at it - like I said, Apes probably already own most of those Webull shares, and likely most in all the other brokers too; they just need to move them someplace safe like they already have with all their other bananas.
So if you have KOSS shares hanging out someplace, start moving them up to big league brokers or home to their transfer agent - they may not be moon rockets in their own right, but they could end up igniting the first stage!
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2021.12.09 04:09 hereforrslashyt DO IT BIG MAMA

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2021.12.09 04:09 dizzy_supposition Jennifer Aniston Says the 'Friends' Reunion Was So Emotional, She Had to Walk Out Several Times

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2021.12.09 04:09 Fox-Fireheart-66 Yang Xiao Long (@RiddLiArt)

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2021.12.09 04:09 JARRINR00T Need real dance club

Love Jupiter disco for the DJs and drinks but not the audience. Seems like there’s no club/baetc that has majority of patrons dedicated to going tf off dancing. Less talking or preening or anything else please. Am I wrong? Does anyone know a place like the kind I’m thinking of?
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2021.12.09 04:09 TarunFuleraJi Difference Between Microeconomics And Macroeconomics

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2021.12.09 04:09 swansin from r/architecture

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2021.12.09 04:09 El_Komodo_3000 Mexican ancestral corn abasolo whisky (nice bourbon) great flavour

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2021.12.09 04:09 prachipatale Imaging Chemicals and Materials Market Growth Strategies Adopted by Top Key Players Worldwide and Assessment to 2031 | insightSLICE

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2021.12.09 04:09 TypuodyMccriouft SevereRiseGames Is On The Move. Vision To Bring Many Games Under One Token. 1st P2E Launched. Doxed Team, Audit Completed. Token Burn Each Month

Hello Everyone! 👉1 Billion Supply ✅Low Cap Project 💯Doxed Team 🔥Many Burns ✅Early entry 🚀Many Games One Token 🤝 listed at pancake swap & Azbit Exchange 🎮 P2E launched 🛡️Audit Completed https://github.com/Tech-Audit/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/TECHAUDIT_SEVERERISEGAMES.pdf As what we have promised during our last AMA with Sir DexterPlaysPH that we are going to BURN 1M SRGT every month starting the day of NFTale Release Date. We are happy to announce that we have burn 1M SRGT today! Next schedule will be on January 8, 2022. Please be guided! Thanks and Cheers! Good Day. How was your Play to Earn experience with NFTale? We want to hear your feedbacks within your first journey in the world of NFTale. Also, we would like to thank everyone for being a part of the successful launch of our Play to Earn. Your feedbacks and suggestions are much appreciated. https://forms.gle/LMCoeRDikbYDMsNq5 What are you waiting for? Hop in now and try the NFTale. Grab your $SRGT tokens now🥰😊 You can now register your accounts, download the game and play! Note: 📢GOOD NEWS📢 Severe Rise Game logo and token information is updated now in Bsc Scan! You can check SRG in Bsc Scan. Solid SRG! Cheers🥂 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe07f97D3d477e4a067E84c9dD651Ed501D494EAB 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xe07f97D3d477e4a067E84c9dD651Ed501D494EAB 🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x32CB894080D75419Fa2EE67Bf3C60414C7dd2f82
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2021.12.09 04:09 drzy_x Looking for reliable Amtes to rank up in Homeoffice. Epic: Drzy_x EUW

Gold V currently looking to push in plat
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2021.12.09 04:09 Some1inreallife Is doing a check-up with the shrooms a valid intent when doing them?

March 2021 wasn't the first time I consumed shrooms (December 2020 was the real first time but was so weak, I didn't count it as a trip), but it was the first time I had a major trip on any psychedelic substance ever.
However, even though I said I had a bad trip at that time, looking back, it was more like I was challenging trip with a couple good moments thrown in. I liked the visuals and the insights I learned were pretty helpful. Even though in the short term, I had terrible regret about doing the shrooms in the first place, I think I may have positively benefited from it almost 9 months later.
I've debated for months if I should actually go for round 2 of the shrooms as a check up to see what the shrooms think. Because I like to think I improved from that one trip in March, but did I improve in a way that the shrooms want me to? That's what I want to know.
I've taken serious notes of what made the trip bad and what I can do to not fall into those traps. But overall, is wanting to do a checkup with the shrooms a valid intent to set myself on?
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2021.12.09 04:09 y6ird I have learned another way in which we are made in Quob’s image from a forensics textbook

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2021.12.09 04:09 kleozy 🚨Announcement🚨 Launch:⏰30th of December at 2:00PM UTC⏰ To celebrate, we are giving away a #Merchant of #TheGuild #CNFT and all the perks that come with it. To Enter : ⚖️Follow ⚖️Retweet ⚖️Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/f7ycSKRhSd The winner will be chosen in a week

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2021.12.09 04:09 InfiniteIntention417 NOW TELL ME WHO IS SECULAR

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2021.12.09 04:09 Rhazjok I passed my CDL-A with combination vehicles and air brakes tests today!!

Now all I have to do is get through the school I'm going to which is a tech school and I'll be good to go. I'm very excited.
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2021.12.09 04:09 SepakTelur "Ya Tuhanku, kenapa Kau ciptakan aku sebagai orang Kelantan?"

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2021.12.09 04:09 1980Scottsdale Frank Furio on LinkedIn: OMG! THEY ARE TRYING TO APPLY SELL PRESSURE ON AMC STOCK!

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