Ashley Madison - Life is Short have an Affair

2021.12.09 03:26 xxxEroticGoddessxx Ashley Madison - Life is Short have an Affair

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2021.12.09 03:26 Nohan07 Etang-Salé : un accident de poids-lourd entraîne des embouteillages importants dans le Sud de l’île

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2021.12.09 03:26 CaptainSur #2 Most Popular in Top Ten - Netflix Canada Dec 8/9

Its been in the top 10 since the day of release but has been moving up consistently. I thought perhaps given how NetFlix shows often lose steam +binge watching last weekend it would decline but its been increasing. My gut check is it is outperforming expectations.
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2021.12.09 03:26 SnooLentils4202 Blah blah blah MAGIC

Season 2 spoilers: So I was watching. And watching. And watching. And I thought. Wow, season 2 is a bust, this sucks.
I was eager to see a story that gradually set us on a track that lead to the end. But I thought, watching these first like 4 episodes, this season isn't going anywhere. Some of the episodes gave us very little in the way of furthering the story. Like the creepy eggs (tweets?), the tulip stepping, and horses emotions for not contributing, which was not resolved in a way that felt like growth. It just... stopped. I liked the funny blurbs, the issue with crashing the wedding, the durple drops, they were very on brand for centaurworld silliness. But honestly, the first half had me thinking, filler, filler, more filler, throw in a thing, filler. Tail made one useless appearance way later. I liked the little things in the first season, like tail warning her that "this is only the beginning" it gave reason and weight to the silly things. Like, even though it's goofy, it harkens you back to the issue at hand. And the lack of wonderful tunes I can listen to over and over again, a huge disappointment. Rock ballads, lullabies, excellent singing, we got so little in season 2 vs season 1, with the exception of 2 or 3 goodies and a lot of recycling. So in season 2, episodes 1-4 at least, were a flop.
As the season rolled out, I deeply appreciated the back stories, though she really skipped Zulius... I mean damn, a taste that left you with questions in one backstory and then nothing. I did think the conclusion that she had this backstory magic would have been better discovered by accident, Wammawink's delivery made it seem inserted. Durpleton, for me, had an excellent story, current and past. Crazy, sad, weird, and absolutely worthy of Centaurworld's strangeness. But heartfelt and relatable. It made his character matter to me, when it hadn't much before. They stripped down Zulius down, but his screen time was excellent.
In those last 2 episodes, everything mattered. Almost everything was exactly how I imagined it to be, satisfaction-wise. I would have never guessed the Nowhere King's backstory, and I am so happy all of the avenues I needed explored pertaining to him were explained. I cried multiple times, it was non-sensical how emotional I was sitting on my couch, watching a show rated TV-Y7. I would not have brought rider back, honestly I was grieving with Horse for like, 3 minutes before she stepped back onto the screen and it made me feel very flat. Something about the execution here, when I should have been happy that she survived, I felt drained. Like, bitch I just mourned you loss for so long I'm on like the 4th stage of grief, and you're fine. Other than that, I am just so happy to have a satisfactory ending to the key plots, and I'm excited that Horse is a Shaman. It was a roller coaster, but overall, I enjoyed it. The last episode was so good it nearly made up for the crap first 4. Nearly.
I both downloaded and created a reddit just to say all that so if it affected me that much I suppose I would say, the show was pretty great.
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2021.12.09 03:26 MaysBillyHere SWAMI APPRECIATION THREAD

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2021.12.09 03:26 drgoddammit Do you have family members that belive that Global Zionists control the world and worship Satan?

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2021.12.09 03:26 Proabis Avoid Burnout in Warframe

Hello everyone! i am a small creator that has recently been doing warframe videos! Any feedback, Criticism is welcome , i hope you enjoy and thank you! =)
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2021.12.09 03:26 dancing-owl-nitelong Drop Cam for Hill?

Mahomes is my starter
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Gold hovered below $1,790 an ounce on Thursday, remaining under pressure as US bond yields crept higher amid easing Omicron concerns and on firm expectations of further Federal Reserve tightening. Benchmark 10-year Treasury yields jumped above 1.5% on Wednesday, hovering close to their highest level since Nov. 29, as recent reports suggested the new variant may be milder than initially feared. Moreover, Pfizer and BioNTech said on Wednesday that a booster shot of their vaccine provides a high level of protection against the Omicron strain. Meanwhile, investors await Friday’s inflation report which is expected to confirm persistent inflationary pressures and could fuel further Fed rate hike bets.
Source: Trading Economics
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2021.12.09 03:26 FurSkyrimXB1 Which time does the new season start today?

I live in germany. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.09 03:26 Krokodrillo On December 9th in 1967 Jim Morrison was arrested on stage during a show of the Doors, charged with obscenity and incitement to riot.

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2021.12.09 03:26 ur_conscious AB trying to keep his shit together 🤣🤣

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2021.12.09 03:26 LV_Matterhorn [211209] Yerin Instagram Update

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2021.12.09 03:26 hellotheremiss Neri Colmenares comments on the recent ruling by the Supreme Court on the Anti-Terrorism Act | 9 December 2021

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2021.12.09 03:26 smm97 [technique] Don't grow cubes, grow pan cyan!! GORDOTEK!!!!

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2021.12.09 03:26 MatchaMilkshakes Downloadable pdf versions of books regarding socialism, the free market, and liberty in general

On Liberty - John Stuart Mill
Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism
Socialism was man's most ambitious attempt to supplant religion with a doctrine claiming to ground itself in "science." Indeed, no religion ever spread so far so fast. Yet while socialism had established itself as a fact of life by the beginning of the 20th century, it did not create societies of abundance or give birth to "the New Man." Each failure inspired new searches for the path to the promised land: revolution, communes, social democracy, Communism, Fascism, Third World socialism. None worked, and some exacted staggering human tolls. Then, after two hundred years of wishful thinking and fitful governance, socialism suddenly imploded in a fin du siecle drama of falling walls and collapsing regimes. In Heaven on Earth, Joshua Muravchik traces this fiery trajectory through sketches of the thinkers and leaders who developed the theory, led it to power, and presided over its collapse. We see such dreamers and doers as the French revolutionary Gracchus Babeuf, whose "Conspiracy of Equals" were the first to try to outlaw private property; Robert Owen, who hoped to plant a model socialist utopia in the United States.
Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust
In 1929, in an effort to destroy the well-to-do peasant farmers, Joseph Stalin ordered the collectivization of all Ukrainian farms. In the ensuing years, a brutal Soviet campaign of confiscations, terrorizing, and murder spread throughout Ukrainian villages. What food remained after the seizures was insufficient to support the population. In the resulting famine as many as seven million Ukrainians starved to death.
Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy - Thomas Sowell
Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study - Thomas Sowell
Conquests and Cultures: An International History
Black Rednecks and White Liberals
New Deal or Raw Real, How FDR's Economic Legacy Had Damaged America
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2021.12.09 03:26 KikiNotDee I went to a coffee shop yesterday and they had a book all about FIKA! 💕

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2021.12.09 03:26 myfoulmouth Someone slap they dick on my tongue and send it to my kik : myfoulmouth 🥴❤️😋

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2021.12.09 03:26 LonelyAssignment8731 Jesus 😂

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2021.12.09 03:26 ThiccLinguine RDO & Destiny2

25m PST Anyone tryna play TheForest or Borderlands 3?
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2021.12.09 03:26 TURTLESOUPMSU What if we added an option for seconds instead of yards for penalties?

Situation: Offense is up by 3, it's 3rd and 7 at their own 45. 1:05 left on the clock. They get a false start penalty. The defense is given the option to add 5 seconds to the clock or take the 5 yards.
Think this adds some strategy and excitement to the game. Makes some choices about trying to get an offside penalty and taking a delay of game slightly more interesting. Would be used pretty sparingly but could impact some big moments.
For or against?
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2021.12.09 03:26 AtBestAmatuer Torrent shell 3L vs Zeta SL

Hiking in Huaraz and Machu Picchu soon and can’t decide which jacket to get. The zeta seems like over kill, but st the same time is only $150 and most likely will last longer.
Seems I can go wrong either way but would love opinions! Another option would just be by a cheap jacket and then throw a waterpoof poncho over myself when it rains.
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2021.12.09 03:26 lisadejardenscat Does it smell when you are baking pot brownies?

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2021.12.09 03:26 SanDiegoLibreBot Apple TV show set in 1980's San Diego

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2021.12.09 03:26 joeymom77 ufo hunter joey franko and tom king live friday night 7pm central,

anyone can click the link in the chat box to be on live, must be subscribed to be on live. tom king and myself and other ufo researchers live, hope to see you all there
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