Wallet suggestions for iPhone

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2021.12.09 03:21 4mypride Wallet suggestions for iPhone

Hi Friends,
Long time reader, first time poster. New to the game, but I’ve become completely consumed. Starting from the bottom, but planning to rise to the top.
If you could help me by suggesting a secure mobile wallet for an iPhone. I am currently on kucoin, crypto, newton, and shake pay.
Chirps welcomed, I am just hungry to learn. Thanks In advance.
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2021.12.09 03:21 hurtadjr193 The results are in! SMI won the Coinmerge contest !

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2021.12.09 03:21 IamOli2498 likelyhood of parts 'dying'

I hear all the time about people saying thier ram 'died' or cpu cooler 'died' and since my pc sent me broke im worried that some part i will die and I'll have to replace it. Like I do not have the money for a new gpu or smth. Can someone explain the likelihood of a part dying?
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2021.12.09 03:21 malakaspumalosijane Rush selling my used Dell Inspiron 7577 gaming laptop

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2021.12.09 03:21 russg185 [Help] Significant Battery Drain (iPhone 11 Pro 14.3 Taurine)

Does anybody know of any tweaks that would be causing my phone (iPhone 11 Pro 14.3) to lose significant amounts of charge in a small amount of time. I leave the house in the morning on 100% and by lunch time it’s on around 20% with minimal use (checking the time, occasional messaging etc.) nothing battery heavy. I find myself having to put my device into safe mode and keeping it there just to last through a whole day. Some help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. I used Dra1n for months but got nowhere with it
Tweak list:
YouPiP: 1.5.15 System Info: 2.7.2-2 Horias: 1.1 uYou: 2.1 uYouImport: 1.0 Unicorn: 5.3 Puff: 1.1.7 EmojiFontManager: 1.1.3 AppStore++: 0.9.18 ncurses-bin: 6.2+20201114-3 libgcrypt20: 1.9.3-1 libgpg-error0: 1.42-1 ncurses-term: 6.2+20201114-3 libncursesw6: 6.2+20201114-3 YTAdBlock: 15.42.5 Five Icon Dock (iOS 11 - 14): 1.0-1 ColorBadges: 1.5.0 IGClassicLayout: 1.0.1 Chroma: Elysian: 1.3.1 Felicity Pro: 4.0 Cylinder Reborn: 1.1 AltDaemon: 1.0.1 libundirect: 1.1.3 Choicy: 1.4 AltList: 1.0.7 FaceID For Hidden Photos: 1.0.1 EmojiPort Resources (iOS 10+): 1.2.6 gzip: 1.11 Sileo: 2.2.6 libpam-modules: 186.60.1-1 libiosexec1: 1.0.20~1.1-alpha1 Launch Daemon Controller: 23-4 system-cmds: 854.40.2-12 file-cmds: 287.40.2-3 Satella: 2.5.1 Vartaman: 1.2.9 Cephei Tweak Support: 1.17 TechSupport Framework: libpackageinfo: SneakyCam: 2.0.6 PianoPass: 2.0.1 libSparkMessage: 1.0.0 openssl: 3.0.0 ModernStyleSettings: 1.1-2 Desa: 1.7 DarkPapers: 1.0.1 DarkPapers Pack 10: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 9: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 8: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 7: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 6: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 5: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 4: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 3: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 2: 1.0.0 DarkPapers Pack 1: 1.0.0 NotLiveText: Crane: 1.1.4-4 AppSync Unified: 102.0 SnowBoard: 1.4.20~Beta4 coreutils: 8.32-15 libssl3: 3.0.0 uikittools: 2.0.6 Velvet: 1.5.1 libbulletin: 0.1-158 Date Picker - Wheels: 1.0 Telescope: 1.2 Hestia: 1.4 libsparkapplist: 1.0.10 Lizard: 1.8 libhdev: 4.8.1 wget: 1.20.3-3 libpcre2-8-0: 10.37 OpenSSL 1.1.x Libraries: 1.1.1k-1 appinst (App Installer): 1.1.4 Snapper 2: 2.5.12 EmojiPort (iOS 12.0-14.4): 1.1.2 EmojiLibrary: 1.3.0 libhooker-configurator: 1.2 libhooker: 1.6.3 Filza File Manager 64-bit: 3.9.0-2k unrar: 6.0.4-1 7-zip (POSIX): 17.04 zip: 3.0-11 unzip: 6.0-25 liblz4-1: 1.9.3 libp11-kit0: 0.24.0 libffi8: 3.4.2 apt: 2.3.7 libapt-pkg6.0: 2.3.7 Emoji Android P: 1.0 Emoji iOS 14.5: 1.0 EmojiAttributes: 1.4.5 libtasn1-6: 4.17.0 libidn2-0: 2.3.2 Chariz APT Keyring: 2021.07.18 Procursus APT Keyring: 2020.05.09-2 Packix APT Keyring: 2021.07.19 Odyssey APT Keyring: 2021.07.20 crux: 1.0.0 CCSupport: 1.3.5 libgnutls30: 3.7.2 libhogweed6: 3.7.3 libnettle8: 3.7.3 libpcre1: 8.45 Shuffle: 1.5.9 shshd: AVLock: 1.0.4 LightsOut: 1.1 libimagepicker: 1.0.4 iCleaner Pro: 7.9.1k Cr4shed: 4.2.2 libMRYIPC: 2.0.1 libnotifications: 0.3-4 Shark: 2.0 WiFi List: 1.0.0 AppData: 1.3.6 iPhone 11 Live Wallpapers: 1.0 WallpaperLoader: 1.1.1 Shadow: 2.0.20 libappearancecell: 1.0.3 Alderis Color Picker: 1.1.2 echoes: 2.0 kindaStock: 1.0.1 libCSPreferences: 1.1.6 AppList: 1.5.16 Kalm: 3.0.3 libsparkcolourpicker: 1.0.2 CCModules: 1.5-1 Activator: 1.9.13 Flipswitch: 1.0.16 CA Certificates: 20210609 darwintools: 1.5 essential: 0-5 libdimentio0: 1:0~20210608.7ffffff libkernrw0: 1.0-1 libgmp10: 6.2.1-3 dash: libedit0: 3.1-20210522 libzstd1: 1.5.0 Sentinel: 1.3.2 RocketBootstrap: 1.1.0~libhooker2 Barmoji: 2020.5 PreferenceLoader: 3.0.3 Wifi Passwords List: 1.0.1-1 Rhino: 3.9.2 Arkrome: 1.012 Safe Mode (libhooker): 1.1.4 tar: 1.34 Z Shell: 5.8-5 libxxhash0: 0.8.0 shell-cmds: 207.40.1-2 sed: 4.8-2 libunistring2: 0.9.10-2 sudo: 1.9.6p1-4 APFS Snapshot Utility: 10.15.1 Profile Directory: 0-7 New GNU Portable Threads: 1.6-2 liblzma5: 5.2.5-3 libpam2: 20190224 libmd0: 1.0.3 libreadline8: 8.1 libintl8: 0.21-4 libffi7: 3.3-1 iPhone Firmware (/sbin): 0-2 gpgv: 2.3.1-1 libassuan0: 2.5.5 libcrypt2: 4.4.17 grep: 3.6 Debian Utilities: 4.11.2 Base Structure: 1-5 Diff Utilities: 3.7-2 dpkg: 1.20.9-1 findutils: 4.8.0-1 diskdev-cmds: 667.40.1 bash: 5.1.008
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2021.12.09 03:21 Dank_Doodler BT, I found Anderson….

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2021.12.09 03:21 eutectic_h8r What are you talking about u/Incognito_Igloo?

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2021.12.09 03:21 rohman21 Chuck E Cheese Ringer T-Shirt

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2021.12.09 03:21 JeniceMontgomery 🔥 Fairlaunch 10th December | 🌊 LiquiDoge – You missed Dogecoin and Shiba Token? Join us on a new Doge token! Get in for high potential rewards - Community-focused crypto🐕

💲Welcome to LiquiDoge💲 Our links :
🌐 Website : liquidoge. tech
💬 Telegram : t. me/liquidoge
📜 Whitepaper : medium.com/@LiquiDoge
👉🏻 Launch time : 10th of December 2021, 19h00 UTC on PancakeSwap.
LiquiDoge Vision
Descended from Japanese wolves, Liquidoge is destined to be the leader of the inu packs. Liquidoge is a community driven cryptocurrency with a goal to become a decentralized meme token ecosystem.
Being a natural leader, we aim to build the most inclusive and serving community in the world with three main values in mind: integrity, vision, and humility.
What is LiquiDoge?
LiquiDoge is an All-in-One DeFi Banking App built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Although decentralized finance has generated significant interest in developed countries, we believe that widespread adoption in China, India and Southeast Asia can only happen through the ease of use with mobile applications that combine the possibilities offered by DeFi with safety and privacy.
- LuquiDoge offers mainstream FinTech services with instruments and possibilities of DeFi. Such as high-return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer.
- Personal banking services to accommodate the needs of risk-averse private investors interested in portfolio diversification and risk assessment.
LiquiDoge offers a solution where retail investors in developing countries can join DeFi with low-entry barriers and a wide range of products such as high- return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer. LiquiDoge will achieve its vision with its governance and utility token. Earn rewards by staking with LiquiDoge.
More Information :
LAUNCHING: 10th of December at 19h00 UTC
💲 Total supply: 1,000,000,000
🥇 LP : 20 BNB / Max Buy : 3BNB at launch to avoid dumps
⚡️ Auto buyback and burn - Hold $LiquiDoge to earn $BNB
🥇 5% buyers fees 10% sellers fees
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2021.12.09 03:21 Specialist-Look6210 Low effort mist noble meme day 62 of 365

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2021.12.09 03:21 Biggestpenor would a epididymis tear be painful?

just out of curiosity.
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2021.12.09 03:21 bot_neen Partidos, las cloacas

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2021.12.09 03:21 D3rpachuuu Cute lil easter egg

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2021.12.09 03:21 Rupture_ttv DBD Free On Epic until 11AM EST #shorts

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2021.12.09 03:21 xPapaGrim Toku Arm Bar colored

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2021.12.09 03:21 SpringMoonShinewhat [18] What do i get

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2021.12.09 03:21 airbus7478f Looking for a 24” barrel 6.5CM complete upper

Hey guys. New to this community just joined. I have a Sig 716i that I use for my fighting rifle. However I want to have a long range snipehunting setup. I think I should just get a complete upper with a 24” 6.5CM barrel (Sig’s barrel/upper is proprietary). What uppers do you recommend? I won’t settle for anything shorter than 24” and would prefer a brand known for quality and accuracy. But anything 24” will do. (I’ve heard that’s the optimal barrel length for 6.5CM)
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2021.12.09 03:21 miasmatix93 Doctor or chiropractor in Cihangir

I've injured my shoulder, probably a trapped nerve or something similar, but quite painful. Does anyone know a medical professional who may be able to help me with this?
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2021.12.09 03:21 ImHarvey Infinite loading loop Dungeon bug

In the new dungeon I get trapped in an infinite loading loop when you drop down after the very first part of beat the hive enemies and then crash. I've tried joining a fire team after that point and I get stuck in the fly-in then go to a black screen and then crash. I've tried re-installing the game, verifying game files, etc. And nothing has worked. Has anyone had a similar issue, or point me in the right direction to figure it out?
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2021.12.09 03:21 Redroses19 Use this code!! Up to $500 bonus cash and free digs in cash miner 💰💰💰

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2021.12.09 03:21 Skrungebob I fucking hate that most cheaters get away with it and get to live their lives happily ever after

Life is really fucking unfair.
Why should these pieces of shit get to move on and be happy when all they do is hurt others?
Why do they get to move on in a new relationship and get married and start over?
It's not fair and it kills me how often it happens or how accepted it is. Cheating is so rampant that people act like it's not as big of a deal as it is.
Cheaters are disgusting fucking liars who deserve the worst in life but usually end up getting everything they want while the person who was cheated on is left broken and hurting. I hate it. I hate it so much.
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2021.12.09 03:21 MattyViceCity 4 Years Ago Today

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2021.12.09 03:21 BreatheUseful DISO heart belly Rey! See last photo for my iso but mostly looking for Rey right now.

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2021.12.09 03:21 thatguyad The last hour of Kiwami 2 is...

An absolute insult to intelligence. The game and story is so damn good. I am astounded by whatever this was.
Yakuza 0 is one of my top ten of all time. Kiwami was really good but a bit of a drop off. Kiwami 2 was do damn strong throughout and then...
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2021.12.09 03:21 plonk1234 Today's trending game is Destiny 2!

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