Is there a mod for placing roads that cross multiple other roads at once instead of connecting them to each road step by step? Like in the picture. Thanks :)

2021.10.28 10:51 Ardeo34 Is there a mod for placing roads that cross multiple other roads at once instead of connecting them to each road step by step? Like in the picture. Thanks :)

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2021.10.28 10:51 pillowcase23 26YR Old Male - 8 years of focusing issues and double vision. Position vertigo diagnosed.

Dear / Optometry,
I have been having issues with double vision/focusing for the past eight years (26 yr old now). This happens either during close distance viewing or long distance viewing. However, these problems are not something that have been there every single day.
For example, I can go visit France for a week with friends associated with heavy drinking, but do not have any focusing or double vision problems for the entire week. (1000M altitude in France). At the same time, I can be healthy for a sustained period of time, good sleeping rhythm and healthy/clean eating and have problems through the entire day.
Some days I can go play tennis, hockey, football, golf or padel without any serious problems with double vision or focusing, but some days I have to keep one eye closed to even see what I am doing. It has been very much based on intervals, sometimes it does not occur for a period of weeks, but then it comes back.
I have been diagnosed with benigne paroxismale vertigo by my fysiotherapist, but I was not having those problems anymore after one month of doing Epley-manouvres and some other exercises which helped. I am still dizzy sometimes and feel like I have to recalibrate to my environment in which I am at after bowing down or making a move.
I am currently walking around with some glasses that assist me in giving rest to my eyes while looking at laptop screens, mobile phones etc. for a longer time. They are old glasses from my grandma, but I believe they are +1 in both glasses. I feel like they do assist, but do elimate focus/double vision problems.
I went to the optometrist, but after 1 hour+ of testing, he did not mention anything that could cause the problems. Besides mentioning to get some glasses. I could not get the recipe without paying, which is understandable.
Tomorrow I will be visiting the Neurologist, he specializes in position vertigo and neurological problems.
Due to the intervals of the problems that I am having and a general unfamiliarity with the problems I might have, I thought it would be good to maybe discuss it in here. I read up on things like fixation disparity.
Fixation disparation: dizzyness (position vertigo), tired eyes (lots of re-focusing), blurred view, double vision.
If someone of you would have had a similar situation, or is familiar with my problems, than I would love to hear it!
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2021.10.28 10:51 ______michael_______ Why don’t I finish songs?

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2021.10.28 10:51 InsomniaCookiesJobs Squad up with Insomnia Cookies!

Hey Jayhawks!
Our highly anticipated new Insomnia Cookies store is set to open up next month below the brand new Proxi Lawrence apartments just off of 23rd Street and we are seeking a few more Insomniacs to join our opening team!
If you are interested in a fun, part-time, flexible hours gig this year, we are hiring for Shift Leaders, Delivery Drivers and Cookie Crew and below are direct links to the job specs for each position.
Shift Leader
Delivery Driver
Cookie Crew
Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!
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2021.10.28 10:51 velocibadgery [Audit the Audit] Cops Arrest ATF Agent and Get Sued

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2021.10.28 10:51 Demslo Europol: Over 150 Vendors were arrested in operation "Dark HunTOR" - DarkWebLink

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2021.10.28 10:51 Ultra918 What if I create a new account on my smartphone. Then I want to log in on m PC in metamask. I can't see the second account there. And not the balance from account 1 . Do I have to put in all manually again??

What if I create a new account on my smartphone. Then I want to log in on m PC in metamask. I can't see the second account there. And not the balance from account 1 . Do I have to put in all manually again?? submitted by Ultra918 to Metamask [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 10:51 Fenrizwolf I am not sure if narcissist or just confused

NPI: 27
codependency: 14
OCD: 2
Long Test Result
I kind of found this by writing about me feelings in the codependency subreddit. And I think one of the things that always bothers me about seeing myself as codependent is that to me it feels like I don't actually care about other people but that codependent behavior is just a manipulation tactic that has become second nature. I am defining myself by usefulness and attractiveness because that's how I view others. Even my empathy seems like a mind trick, because if I look at it very strictly then I am only "empathetic" about negative emotions because I channel my uncomfortableness into a display of empathy and then immediately go into fixing mode.
I just got out of a relationship that completely fucked me up because I could not control her... she was depressed and unhappy in love with some unavailable dude, incapable of making decisions and later it turns out also bulimic. And I thought I could provide all that and she would be mine. But she wouldn't let me. She didn't love me back and I was moving to fast. And that triggered me trying always different angles of manipulating. I got more and more desperate and she as a project took over my life and in the end I lost self respect and went into a really negative spiral.
And I realized that something is wrong because first it was always through this lens of "but I would be so good for her I can fix her fucked up life why doesn't she let me" and that I could think of few things I genuinely like about her except that the sex was great and other superficial hormonal things. But I saw in her the potential for me being the biggest hero in her life if she would have just let me.
That's fucked up but it seems to be my MO. I used to be really nasty as a teen and pretty unscrupulous with my manipulation and getting what I want.
Now it changed because at some point I decided to be a good person and that me forcing my needs on others isn't good. So I got pretty good at shelving my agenda... but well shelving isn't removing.
I think my narcissism got disappointed twice in life and now sought out a new avenue. Pretty early I realized I'm not attractive and have been overweight my whole life so that's a no go. Then In my teens I thought I was very smart and made that my thing. I got decent grades while being very lazy and even got tested and had a very high IQ (I think 135) but then when I went to Uni I failed spectacularly (because of laziness) and got extremely depressed and had this nightmare where I sold out all my friends to a vampire to become one only for him to in the end tell me I'm to stupid.
And then it took a while but narcissism finds a way. Now I got into being narcisstic about being "wise" "selfaware" "good". I other words as if I am somehow spiritually evolved. For a long time my mantra and catchphrase was "I am a bad person working very hard at being good".
Now it seems to me I might just be a very confused self-hating superficial covert narcissist. And that seems honestly to feel the most real of all the "diagnoses" I have given myself. But boy do I not like that because there is little less spiritually evolved than a fucking narcissist and a cowardly one at that.
Now with codependency it felt easier because that seems like weakness and thus something I intensely want to get rid of. As a teen I wished so much for being a psychopath and just stop caring at all. And as a codependent I could be at least non threatening.
But narcissist are scary and abuse people and something about that idea really speaks to me. I don't want to be that but I sometimes fell I could. Like that if I stopped caring about being good and just went full narcissist I would more likely get what I want.
But maybe it is lucky for me that my narcissism is tied to ethicality, because it keeps me from harming people.
My reluctance to accept and change anything about these feelings and views kind of tells me that I might be on the right track though.
How do you even start unpacking that? It's just this big box full of trauma and angers and hatred on myself and others and simultaneously thinking I am the most amazing person and a failure. Even with my therapist I always get the feeling I am trying to impress him by how much I know and work on myself.
I think the idea of being special is the hardest thing to let go for me...
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2021.10.28 10:51 BrianDerm “Silvertone Abides”

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2021.10.28 10:51 jersday Why isnt following Nasdaq-CDN?

Just wondering why tec at this moment of this post is up .07 and nasdaq100 up .53 and the dollar only down .08.
Is there a fund that better tracks the nasdaq index?
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2021.10.28 10:51 aninii [Repost] [Academic] Making Friends with University Social Distancing Policies (18+, College Students)

Hello everyone,
I am a graduate student at Pace University conducting a research study exploring the relationship between social distancing policies, loneliness, and social isolation.
If you are 18 years and older and currently enrolled in college, you may eligible to participate in this study by completing an online survey. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.
Please feel free to pass this survey to anyone you think would be interested in participating!
I greatly appreciate your time.
Thank you!
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2021.10.28 10:51 Coc_king_yt Iconic duo

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2021.10.28 10:51 impactco2 Why do some hand creams feel like they need to be applied twice - the 2nd time 5 minutes after the first - after washing my hands?

I usually wash my hands and then apply a cream otherwise my hands become dry. The issue is, while it does work, I still notice some dry spots after its sunk in. So I apply another layer of the same cream 5 mins happens with every cream i use. Idk how to explain it well either. But basically my hand can sometimes still feel dry even after I've applied it oncd
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2021.10.28 10:51 Expert_Ad_6317 I have 40 GB of RAM but I can’t run 85 mods it says my ram ran out. Im using curse forge launcher

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2021.10.28 10:51 Maleficent-Search115 Why is the sub so dead

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2021.10.28 10:51 Key-Condition-262 Which Backstabber Wears a Cap Better ?? You Decide

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2021.10.28 10:51 Aussie6869 I think I've been scammed

Hey guys, I am giving this a shot, I invested with this guy Adrian Brayden Calebfx. It was only through bitcoin which I should have known better. But just seeing if anyone here can tell me for sure it's a scam. He uses this website I am being told that I can withdraw my money as soon as I pay this referral fee. But I think he'll run anyway then.... hoping someone can help me. Here is a link to his Instagram Anyone able to tell me if maybe I didn't just lose my house down-payment?
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2021.10.28 10:51 fritzpretz [self] luminary sculpture with different light

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2021.10.28 10:51 RepulsiveAd7457 Winter tires

Asking for your recommendations ! I’m in CAD and budget of $600-$800. 21’wrx base :)
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2021.10.28 10:51 TwKilla Black chips

I'm doing the blackjack chip thing where whenever u lose u close application or disconnect internet. I've been losing chips when I disconnected internet so I switched to closing app and I'm still losing chips? I do it really fast too
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2021.10.28 10:51 ganfalll Manga and Anime ending times.

I had a thought the other day regarding the ending of One piece.
Do you think when the end is near for the manga we will start to see more weekly breaks until the anime has caught up with the story?
I only think of this because as you all know with this amazing story that has taken 20+ years to get to where we are now. They might have both the manga and anime finish at the same time as to not spoil the ending for the anime fans.
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2021.10.28 10:51 morphinedhyos decided to reread ajin and i cant help but feel so much hype when the anti demi specops came in. this is so fucking cool.

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2021.10.28 10:51 Died5Times Fuck up your life for work? Heres an award worth nothing.

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2021.10.28 10:51 jeffreyeats Northwest entrance of fair mount park. Safari zone Philly

Trying to plan parking. Coming from out of town.
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2021.10.28 10:51 GranSmithsApple This might be a silly question but does anyone know if this will be back in stock, or was it limited edition?

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