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2021.10.28 12:30 Randor21 Elsa Granhiert vs Katarina Du Couteau (Re:zero vs League of legends) Connections in the Comments

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2021.10.28 12:30 erer1243 Currently, it's October 28, 2021 at 11:30AM

Currently, it's October 28, 2021 at 11:30AM
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2021.10.28 12:30 tikudz TOKYO GHOUL: EMBRACE OF VENALITY

Based on the Sui Ishida manga

Tokyo, the rich, high-tech ode to man’s prosperity and development. Not always forefront in its majesty is the dual nature inherent to many conurbations. Here man’s natural predator, ghoul. The duality extends to ghouls themselves.
The metropolis’ artificial lights lent radiance to the night. Predator on the prowl, he haunts the street, sensed an easy go of it. In sight the prey, a woman a few hundred feet distant and out safety of a crowd, the predator quickens the walk, aiming to close the gap, their breath intensifying.
The lady is ambushed. From behind an arm holds her torso. ‘Breath a word and die!’ came the voice behind.
The woman startled, is manhandled to a nearby dark alley. Face to face she perceives it to be a man, armed with a penknife. ‘Look you,’ he growls, ‘I’ll get it tonight or else I break your bones.’ Unzipping and lowering his pants, then gestures she strip.
She calmly removes her trench coat…revealing the barest clothes. This ample body should please near any sexual debauched, which it did as registered on his face. A choker, further down, bra and panty, hiding little of a shapely, proportioned body complete with a nice bulge and high heels.
Her hand pushes back against his own which was wrapped round the knife in a fist, from greater strength, her red eyes light up her grinning face. Ghoul.
She remarks, ‘Was scouring Tokyo for men and psycho you fell right into my lap. Yeah pretty pleased with myself.’
In moments even cogs turned a bit in this fiend’s brain this so off kilter. Her free hand has a cock shaped kagune.
Head down kissing the neat pavement, ass up to the sky, his face is in utter bewilderment than distress, the victim has him mounted, going balls deep doggy style with the cock she wore.
Today a familiar looking woman walks towards a building, the veterinarian. Next indoors, conservatively dressed, in their early forties and tall, this time with glasses, accesses a laptop, checks the online advertisement of hers inviting the public to bring in sick and wounded animals to the facility. Highlighted by the fact very image of her beautiful, self, and smiling shyly beside an animal on this webpage. Nearby rests a solar powered windmill toy.
Web surfing is interrupted by a staffer, she doesn’t immediately responded but has a reclusive, quiet body language, almost fearful. Demeanour is shy and softy from her verbal response.
In another area of the building, stethoscope round their neck in white medical lab coat, distinguishing them as a veterinary physician, who urges her quicken the pace this morning. ‘We had a scheduled procedure for right now. Sitting in front a screen isn’t going to do anything for infections. Our hands will.’
‘Was just…’ her words broke off from crushing shyness.
Another person would not demur finishing the sentence. Magnified when she envisioned herself a kohai or junior to doctor, the senpai, of higher rank. Two words describing interpersonal relationship that made inroads into Japanese culture.
On the slab between them was the Japanese Bobtail feline. Setting to work, administer care to a patient subjected to Sarcoptic mange otherwise known as scabies. With gloved hands, the woman as time passes conducts herself quietly and dutifully.
‘Our charges always get better around you,’ came the sudden praise. The physician went on, ‘I’m serious. Were you not caring for our friends I feel less of them would as healthy.’ Going so far as admit a misjudgement. ‘I sent for you a bit too hasty back there. The website of yours I understand is not you attracting more business to my clinic. It’s profound. Your heart just wants the best for human and animal alike.’
The veterinary assistant only specific acknowledgement to those words were a nod and shyly, ‘Our furry friend looks ready for the Selamectin.’ A drug.
Therein is a case for Tokyo’s duality. Wakuni Kitabayashi.
Tokyians purify their souls and hearts under its confines. Destruction in word war 2 did not dampen reverence for this place. The holy Meiji Shrine.
The work day done, the city draped by mild drizzle, she is in a queue line of humans at a DQ ice cream this evening.
That’s when it happened – she sniffed, a ghoul’s advanced senses can let them know if something in the vicinity, meat or otherwise. A presence on the way. Her panic attack manifests as a fear in her being.
In seconds that fear took form. Stopping beside her and oblivious to a human’s glare for cutting in, stood a man slightly above her age in his the mid-forties. Was something bullying about him if that weren’t enough.
Eying her for a moment, ‘It’s gotta be you.’ He amazed, ‘To imagine she’d be this normal around people. What’s your name baby?’ Japanese would call that absent a respectful honorific in their speech and would join westerners calling it downright ill-mannered.
Her low self-esteem spoke for her, ‘Wakuni.’ This fellow was something if he could pick his race out from a bunch of humans. He explains, ‘My nose lead me straight to you.’
Spoken in the presence of humans, one report to authorities, leads to arrest then death or more common than a ghoul dares to think, death on the spot.
The danger brought along with this new fear in her being, a desire. Desire? No, an urge to get away from human presence and companionship now.
‘Relax girl, no body’s watching us and stuff,’ her sudden acquaintance was saying. DQ had seats nearby and here they sat in earshot of any snooping human.
A ghoul is a predatory creature, outclassing man in all aspects, looking like him. Strength, speed, a knife is prone to break on their skin. They eat human. Only human.
They should not rest easy on their crown. Source of her human persona’s previous anxiety is the fact humans have regularly hunted her kind, both species are tied for intelligence, they even raised an organization dedicated to the task – CCG.
Pardon Wakuni if his words failed to comfort.
‘What do you want with me?’ came her shy voice, her soft serve cone in her hands, psychologically they wrapping round it like a cocoon.
‘First wouldn’t you like to know how I bounced you up? Word is you are not someone to be around when night hits you. You Sōutsu?’ term for bonkers. And to think he would ask someone he yet to get confirmation on in an obtuse way. ‘Word is you are the one reversing the rape roles on men. My info was right. Somebody told me this is where you like to pass.’
‘I want to be me. By my lonesome.’
She confirms to him she doesn’t mingle with her own kind generally. He remarks no matter what ghouls think of her. Next, ‘Chijimatsu Ritsushima. I run things in Tokyo. Heard of me?’
Talk about subtle.
Chijimatsu as a rotund and heavy man who really looks a gangster type on the inside of the Yōki or container, reflected in his emited aura.
But she nods. ‘The ward don’t have it easy with your ghoul crew. The word is shotcaller.’ Ward or ku is a subdivision of the cities of Japan. Basically a westerner would find parallels to constituency.
‘That’s right.’
‘I can’t see myself being a help to you.’
‘Heh. I got a crew under me but word is you got a special power ain’t yuh?’
She maintains silence. Her optical orbits must weigh a ton just maintaining level contact with this guy.
‘Once you want to can heal a ghoul.’ What he was aiming for all along.
‘Chijimatsu, I apologize if only I wanted to do it…could do it.’
‘You haven’t said no. Think Wakuni. My squad, your power.’
‘I am not cut out for that. That life.’
He grabbed her arm when she declined as if she wasn’t nervous enough. ‘Gonna live your life a sissy? Mamma only had one to give yuh.’
The woman pulls away from him, by abruptly standing, in the sole surge of mental strength.
The Sun its intriguing colour at sunset. Wakuni is approaching the vicinity of a mail box, Chijimatsu skulks from a distance. The woman walked into the home the box belonged to.
Kitabayashi slept the night away. Lurks a mysterious shadow. A peculiar creature not human but ghoul neither, nearby – a moving detached kagune. Chijimatsu long gone by then.
Up a wall went it. Then her head placed against the wall, therefore her face beside once it at head height. Patiently she let finish up the wall in a wavy, serpentine motion, next it slithers across the floor toward an apprehensive, prone human man, felt an eternity. Having made part of the distance she bent down placing her head beside it, the thing got closer and closer, its serpentine movement and the man like a rabbit unable to run. A choker, bra and panty, with high heels her only attire. A most nubile woman. ‘Slither, slither, slither!’ she says.
Her kagune shaped cock is doing so along the floor in presence of a human who knew perfectly well had not the means to fight back. It halts inches from his face, the lair an abandoned intermodal shipping container like those big trucks haul freight with, her play pen. His protests futile, her hand reaches for his face but only to grasp the toy, she next wore it imitating a man, as she walks beside him sings, ‘Sltherin’. Up the wall, on the ground,’ she stops behind him, ‘Slither anywhere, it likes holes, tight holes and its fav hole…
‘Not there!’ he begs. Her eyes turn red and black, dropping the panty, ends in a thrust up the ass, ‘Slitherish!
Head down ass up like that earlier reipu, face in shame. Make your ass whistle. Her thrusts rival any man’s, she came with a comfort settings like a luxury German ride hard or soft, no matter always a fine ride, in her train of thought.
She rocked to her groove for some time, her pleasurable moans versus his agonized groans. Her stamina – how long she could go for would be indeterminate for the time being.
When distraction calls, ceases her hard thrusting. From somewhere in the place her phone alarm blares. Kitabayashi dismounts the poor man, her eyes revert from red to normal. She finds her phone, a Samsung J5 2016 and scans its LCD screen – was a clock alarm.
Before leaving stomps their lower leg with her foot breaking it at an angle with a great snap. He howls in the greatest pain. She alights from the container minus fanfare and shuts him in, screams passing through its doors.
Sunrise was soon to bathe the city.
A muscle that hardens or softens and moves per desire. Release of which heightened her attributes. Rare ability concerned, a sign of power if you can detach and control it. A ghoul’s kagune. But night time Wakuni repurposed hers.
At work is on the website again. It was morning and the national capital is abuzz with activity. Some human visitors elsewhere in the facility are checking out the plethora of patients under care.
Only to be disturbed by human visitors, owing that at the laptop a staffer informs Wakuni the people should see her. This time it’s OK. Quiet body language as before but warmth a stand-in for near fear and reclusiveness. Her shy self, no sign of the dominator just hours past.
Among the humans is little girl Moriai. Her face lit up seeing the woman. ‘It’s you again,’ the girl says. Wakuni waves pleasantly in a faint smile. ‘You take away boo boos from the animals.’
‘We fix them and make the boo boo go away.’
Little girl Moriai is presented ice cream by Wakuni, her eyes light up in excitement and gasps. Everyone is all smiles. She prepared knowing her cherished friend would be returning.
The child holds a multi-colour guinea pig lovingly. Was another part of the facility. ‘All better just for you munchkin,’ says the physician.
‘Boo boo all gone,’ understood the child.
The rodentia recovered faster than expected the physician says to the adults. Noting their training dictated recovery should have taken longer.
Wakuni is praised for the website and asked to smile more, ‘Feels good bringing smiles,’ she opens up. ‘Here we bridge the bond of love.’
A veterinary assistant cares for animals in an animal hospital or clinic under supervision, which demands several roles.
Do not utter job to her. She and staff don’t see it as such, describing what they care about defies words.
Scraps of light got in, the temperature warm. Locked up tight and good. The man’s leg ached, broken bone gave an unnatural angle, but will and some chance of escape spurred him to scan his surroundings. Point all along, he understood why she busted his extremity; aim was preventing their departure, just like his missing cell. He had to, had to get out.
He’d met a mid-aged woman who lured him away from the crowd. Some choice – be eaten and die or live and be analized. He imagined all the human Sōutsu out there, this chick tops them all. Oh, his ass didn’t have to imagine.
A young man at the wheel of a Suzuki Every van drives on the Rainbow Bridge, built in 1993 and named by the public, it spans waters of Tokyo Bay underneath. Enroute to a city of monsters. What purpose can call him?
Later in the afternoon, door to the room is locked shut. Eyes are red. Kitabayashi walks along the rows of cages, stopping beside one. The friend within has its cage swung open.
Growing a part of the kagune at the small of her back, sized a small fruit, took it in her hand, then places it to contact flesh, in moments and on contact, a sickly rabbit absorbs it through the skin and is healed, their weak self gets up, ears twitch.
Here rests the physician’s observations. A rare kagune ability, some ghouls granted unique traits.
This benevolent MO was out of eyesight; gradually heal some creatures but not fully, to not arouse suspicion. Detection would jeopardize what she cherished.
The metal doors creak open, he wakes from his slumber. Kitabayashi of the night. Scantily dressed as hours prior. Her eyes red. Kakugan. A ghoul's eye where the iris turns red, and the sclera black with red veins across the eye and into the skin around the eye.
Like before heals the man. To his shock her healing factor he notes internally has him refreshed and sensation his belly full -
and she finishes the act even rougher. Experiencing the body’s treasure together. The man’s face grimaces, he mentally drained. He couldn’t get out despite yelling for help and banging the metal. Deepest reaches of the psyche is if I bear it I can live.
Skulking nearby outside, Ritsushima.
Tallest in all the land, Konohanasakuya-hime its goddess. Seen from the city on a clear day, snow-capped Mount Fuji.
A menacing air carries him.
A stretch of detective work haunting local hooker locales of the city for the chance a john’s patronage would be the ticket. Consumed several nights thus far.
He recalls suddenly word is she analizes male humans, consequently latched on to this he near certain spurious gamble and expands the search. Hoping beyond hope.
From the parked Every sat waiting, watching a street with some buildings. Humans or who looked, go about their activity. In the dead of night with hours passed, they spot a working girl led by a johni, go off the street. He elects to follow.
In short order in a secluded spot, the trench coated lady opens it revealing scanty outfit and scares the human with her red eyes. Her turn to be disconcerted for her head turns, with super hearing detects…
It was him creeping behind at several tens of yards away. Knowing he was made, under super speed closes the distance to successfully daze on contact, a stun gun disguised as a cell phone. She placed on his shoulder and spirited away under the same speed – the human is nonplussed.
Stunned but conscious the body is tossed in the rear like a potato sack. The van drove into the night.
He spoke like a man who knew he did something unlawful, which explains his uncoordinated speech and troubled tone, ‘Teinsuke Ryuzaburo is who I’m called. Not gonna hurt you…I did but it’s not like that. I need like something.’
The woman is preoccupied with the effects, her mien blank, unable to convey fear her mind may want to exude.
‘Answer me and you’ll go free. The power, do you have it?’ he didn’t get an answer. ‘People are different around you. This true?’ no answer again. Look he could’ve whipped out a kagune for an assault, it risked more damage. The phone his safest bet he’d calculated. He wasn’t talking about a human here; she can eat a few volts.
He held her ID, which specified an address. He read the name then looked away for the rest of the sentence, turning his head slightly to the side. ‘Kitabayashi, Wakuni. Nothing big…it’s important. Lend me your power and kidnapping will be over.’ Still more silence, yeah after what he pulled expect achieving the goal would go smoothly is too much to ask.
Casually, ‘Park this bucket.’
He is flummoxed, for while he gave no thought to actually adhering, his foot was on the break, the van parked, he locking the gear break.
Looking into his rear mirror he saw her upright and normal. Huh?
‘Get your ass here.’
‘Why am I obeying you?!’ he makes his way over to the back, half expected her to ask what he was doing.
Looking him over, she can tell now a twenty something year old. ‘Bend over, pants down.’
‘The Hell?’ again. He didn’t want too but his body moved on its own accord. Head kissing the mat, ass pointing to the roof.
‘The second psycho in as many days.’ She sighs, ‘I make the most of it.’
Internally he thought she wasn’t pissed, not at all.
‘Squirming inside like a worm? Wondering how your ass bared to me? Power over life I call it. I produce a pheromone neither smelt nor visible, saps breath in particles, your mind now mine. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasitic organism controlling rats who approach cats to be eaten by them. I do the same thing.’
His heart sank. Ghouls are cannibalistic, enhances their power. Then again in his mind reaches for a story where humans tried eating a ghoul, Nishitouin…anything with that? She claims never a part, besides heard those wackjob humans got wasted, responding to him asking.
‘Like no ghoul ever met huh?’ her red eyes come out, so did her toy and wears it. She places both hands on his back and doesn’t neglect slapping a butt cheek. ‘What a sweet pose.’ In it went Ryuzaburo groans, from outside the van’s suspension rocks.
Alive and not in her stomach. His face despondent and clutching his body bringing his limbs in tight so much like a female rape victim.
So this is what her john was in for?
His van is parked on the same place, if he didn’t move he might be cited by authority. The mental fracture prevented him doing so. His companion gone along with the ID.
Did not want to feast on him rather do that? Ghouls would typically take a helpless prey like him and cannibalize. Ghouls can go a month on one body; wasn’t looking to raise her power, this one had no hunger to fill…No, No. Hunger of a different kind – sadism. Couldn’t care less about what he had to tell her. Played him. Violated him.
He assumes that the power he so desperate to get. So useless. Made him a boy toy for the night. A desperation has him not cross the Rainbow Bridge to safety, not yet.
Darkness pieced by the alarm. A hand reached it, before Wakuni opened her eyes. The time early morning. Her morning routine first requires she escape the thick bed sheet.
In front the bathroom mirror washed the face at the sink, run out almost gingerly in her movements and return with makeup. Applying to her face is a 5 minute quickie. A bun in the small toaster, straight into having it at the table strawberry and other fruit. Grab a box of orange juice and gulp the glass down. Brush the teeth in front the mirror, in a hurry grab her glasses, coat and big purse, exit the house. Gotta be on time.
Walk some minutes to catch a train. Once at its destination leave this other station head to the practice.
Like all ghouls sickened by human food, but so humanesque sticks by it irrespective not a soul present. Later would throw this up.
Time marches on and so does Wakuni, one evening is walking to her domicile and doesn’t spot or appears not to, Ryuzaburo eyeing her from afar, Every not in sight. He recalled the address by memory. The second one to skulk. Indoors she places her keys down and walks further inside. Seated, the back of Chijimatsu Ritsushima faces her shocked countenance.
Next in no one’s lair but her own, tied to a chair. No ice cream this time. Outside the sepulchral night. Guest of honor to Chijimatsu, a mentality dulled by their base nature but the bulb half shines in that wish to detain the rapist to investigate and exploit her healing factor for their group. He already let out he saw what she did to that guy and challenges her that she be surprised, boasting surprise is his special trait.
This instant continues asking in the most polite manner he knew how. ‘This ward is mine and you best be too.’
‘That life. Being criminal to fellow ghouls? Kill each other? Killed by CCG?’
‘“That life?”’ He sputums out the mouth, ‘A thug am I?’
‘Just let me be,’ was the begging.
Like when an Indian found American pioneers, scalped her with a Bowie Rescue Mission Knife as that in Rambo. The woman made a blood curdling scream. The skull piece fell to the metal floor, so did her blood.
‘I make you lick the blood off the floor!’ Join or scream is up to her. ‘This city is at your feet – waiting for their queen and you spit on that!?’
A little time transpires and he begins turning to a noise behind. Teinsuke under super speed rushed forward and like before discharged volts into a target before they could react. The older ghoul collapsed to the ground.
Teinsuke is appalled looking at the woman. He cut loose her bonds with the Bowie. He begins telling her conciliatory things and informs he’d followed.
She stands and taps him on the head while he is saying he a ghoul as the both of them, interrupting his sentence. ‘Fully able to handle myself,’ Kitabayashi of the night.
Turning to face the downed oppressor, manifests a kagune portion at the small of her back. Wakuni explains assertively she had been slowing her regeneration intentionally while tortured, wasn’t really a kidnap caper when you let them take you.
‘What, he and I did the same thing?’
‘Yup.’ Strips herself of tattered work clothes to underwear now, grotesque wounds in their glory. All he could do is look on stunned. Torture her thing? He can see the wounds beginning the healing process. A powerful ghoul. No wonder his gun wouldn’t keep her down long, contrast with Chijimatsu, downed at once.
From her back several kagune grew and fell to the metallic floor as she headed over.
Kneeling beside the body places one more kagune against skin. The man soon stirs. Ryuzaburo realizes it’s true, power of healing others, hope for his dream yet.
‘You were born with two ghoul abilities. I’m certain of it!’
Three guesses which gets me the two of you.’
The conscious captive thought a few moments on his survival approach. ‘We didn’t get the best start. I gotta confess.’
‘Shotcaller head down, ass up.’ Chijimatsu complied.
‘Right now? Madness.’ Ryuzaburo.
She produces a toy. ‘Damn it leave him alone!’ experiencing once was once too many. Wakuni is oblivious to that one. ‘Just look at me. Look at me one second. I only grabbed you for something and it’s why I followed you after you stuck it to me.’
Not bothering to stand, does a short crawl to behind the man and dons the cock, in a position to mount him. Explore other side of morality; crush a person’s manliness down to nothing.
The man Chijimatsu imagined from his first encounter that woman a softy, pushed around. Ryuzaburo, ‘In the name of Buddha, Wakuni hear me out.’
What are those? He thought.
They’re growing.
Detached kagune is a demonstration of might. Initially sized small fruit, some seconds were taken to assume forms. Ryuzaburo’s eyes barely fathom. Seven are present of odd shapes, small plus large ones rivalling a human adult, some humanoid, others not. Depiction of bizarreness. Seven actual living entities. ‘Way out there!’
Ability forming multiple detached kagune that behave as living entities along the line of novelist Sen Takatsuki, but Wakuni’s have regeneration up to a limit, combat her targets and other uses, thereby one ghoul extends to several at least.
‘No. Three abilities,’ he corrects himself. Incredible find, from a scary perspective.
Ryuzaburo walks closer past the kagune and says he has something important to have from her – the woman is in the throes with Ritsushima and doesn’t appear to acknowledge his presence despite being mere feet away, her eyes don’t so much as tilt his direction. Suddenly he is yanked backwards several feet by a force – a kagune from behind. Ryuzaburo try as he might cannot escape, restrained he is not, indeed moves to block only his path toward the couple if he goes that direction and almost playfully interact with him. Ryuzaburo’s shocked question is realizing they’re hers. Wakuni’s nonverbal will demonstrated further of no interference is when he avulses any apart by a ghoul’s prodigious strength they regenerate. ‘Like a life all their own!’ he whispers in the throes of shock.
‘Whip it out and jock.’ He barely has time to be awed by the kagune. Teinsuke felt will slipping away again, wondered if a gas mask would counter the pheromone. Wrested back to the present, their mind refused but their hand was reaching for their pants fly. In the hand reached and out the penile came – not that her regeneration proceeded at incredible rate, by now finished, that astounded him, rather she spared no thought about doing so when about to reverse reipu - term for rape. Night time depravity ran this deep?
Her eyes took on red. Somehow more menacing beyond what its natural transformation means normally. His eyes suddenly bulging just as she began to penetrate. ‘You Sōutsu,’ he calls her again. She thrusts successively.
As Teinsuke humiliatingly jocks his mind runs over she didn’t have to get bloodied, that mind control trick can take down any who don’t know its workings.
Commission of Counter Ghoul or CCG, the human’s defence organization, classifies these predators, strongest tipping the scales: S, SS and scariest SSS. Far be it from anyone to discount she had a place in any. Ghoul physiology has speed, durability, physical senses beyond man, and already demonstrated unique traits outside those of many of her kind.
Caught outside her workplace a morning two days later, remarkable she stood listening to Teinsuke. Clearly that night didn’t practice her inner carnivore. Wonders she why they such an ardent suitor. ‘…came all this way for you, I can’t go back unless you help,’ his beseeched appeals was continuing.
Wakuni wears the shy body language and taciturn in vocal inflection, the words themselves were menacing. ‘Guess that hole still tight for you, check me tonight.’ Scoffs, ‘A ghoul going so far to heal a human female? Wasn’t a manhood for me to break.’
His desperation at uncontrollable levels. He prostrates to the ground, anyone can see, ‘Please, she can’t make it, just try…I’ll let you violate me anytime. You’ll be my god!’
‘Leaving Tokyo disturbs my way of life. Could care less about a human pet…or are you the pet?’ She is displeased with this Teinsuke because his morality threatens to make her confront her immorality. Sighs, ‘Lucky grovelling was during my day side. At night I was bought by debauchery!’ declares she, adding, ‘I’ll come.’
Author’s note – an hour stretched to 5 days. Procrastination! After publishing, more ideas came to my head over months and finally resolved to create draft 2. Less radical than imagined from the original. Kagune are big entities than a mere cock, kohai and senpai described plus a little more. A difference of four pages.
Other fanfics are Terminator, Satanophany, Vampire Hunter D and one more TG called Embrace of the flesh.
Tuesday, 24 December 2019.
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2021.10.28 12:30 theytmemes I thought that it was real sunrayghee :0

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2021.10.28 12:30 hackspherelabs The Peoples Network - What?

The Peoples Network - What? So I am new to helium, but so far what I found, leaves me with more questions then answers.
The community forums are locked down.
Discord link at bottom of page does not work.
No one answers any questions on telegram.
The miners are pre order for months.
No one answers the twitter messaging, or replied to my post about discord?
I figured to mine on the peoples network I would be able to build my own hotspot. Did the research, and hit a brick wall the second I started working on it:
Is the DC infrastructure ever going to come so we can build our own?
Then you figure out that, wait we can still build them with approval:
The peoples network needs batch sizes of 10 THOUSAND units.
Large production batch sizes (10s of thousands of hotspots), rather than prototypes or smaller production runs
You have the US government clamping down on import of Chinese wireless equipment, and one of your biggest hardware providers is based out of Shenzhen, which I suppose doesn't matter, because pretty much all tech comes out of China.
I am sure things have changed since HIP19, but where is the information about people building there own miners? Have we given up here on people actually building there own network?
Are you still leaning on building the DC infrastructure, or is all progress on setting up manufacturing lines who's only part in helium security is encrypting some files in storage/etc. Is the network always going to be based on almost the same tech that SSL certs are issued?
I mean, this is blockchain, this is helium, when I first started to look into this, I figured at some point the focus was to implement a wireless network more secure then the original xbox?
Unless you do, the same guys that build mod chips, will build cheat-nets right?? I mean I am reading how you guys are sending out wireless audit units.
Where is the anti cheat built into this protocol?
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2021.10.28 12:30 Correct_Tradition910 Why dont I get my Rivals Rewards? Did i miss somerhing? 😅

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2021.10.28 12:30 skipdastraw Newly set OECs paired with new lab diamond Lacie. I struggled with how to wear my Lacie but think I like this look.

Newly set OECs paired with new lab diamond Lacie. I struggled with how to wear my Lacie but think I like this look. submitted by skipdastraw to Moissanite [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 12:29 Lacryman5 Sculk spread amendment + light source extinction

Sculk spread would extinct fire camps, fire , candles around it, drop the torches.
Sculk you prefer growing toward light sources in order to extinct them
When the skulk veins spread on a light source block, the light emitted by the block is obstructed just as if the vein was a full block
Addition of a sculk peduncles similar to weeping vines and twisting vines but straight with a bulb at the extremity. It can grow from the ground or from the ceiling.
It slow the mobs and the player that touches it but it doesn't slow the warden, (similar to cobwebs but no so powerfull). It cannot be climbed.
When the sculk grows the nearby peduncles can grow
If a mob is killed near a skulk catalyst the skulk is spread where the mob died if possible(current way), but if no block can be converted the skulk will be spread elsewhere through the connected skulk blocks (up to a radius of 32 block from the sculk catalyst block)
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2021.10.28 12:29 PetrutK $Baby RocketBunny 🐰 - Fair Faunched Today| Audited | 100% LP Locked 1 Month | Bullish Chart📈

🚀🐰 $Baby RocketBunny is a decentralized finance project that was launched on Binance Smart Chain on October 25th at 6 pm UTC. You can find the token available for trade on Pancakeswap, the most popular Decentralized Exchange on BSC. A new Meme token, based on Elon Musk's tweet, with huge potential.
📌Contract: 0x1814266f34053af048d53e87d57f1fb553d5ce8c
💬 Telegram:
🌎 Website:
💬 Twitter:
📝 Audit:
❗️ Fair Launch
➡️ 100% of the Liquidity locked until 2022 via DxSale
➡️ Buyback active
➡️ Anti-Snipe
➡️ Airdrops will be randomly distributed to active members on Telegram after the launch.
✏️ Contract: 0x1814266f34053af048d53e87d57f1fb553d5ce8c
📌 Launch Date: 25 OCT - 6:00 PM UTC
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked for One Month
⭐️ Liquidity Start: 2 BNB
NAME: Baby RocketBunny
SYMBOL: $BabyRocketBunny
TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000,000
Burn: 50% | Liquidity: 45% | Airdrop: 3% | Marketing: 2%
Transaction Fee
💸 2% goes to Ecosystem
💸 4% goes to Liquidity
💸 4% goes to Marketing
💸 2% goes to BuyBack Feature
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2021.10.28 12:29 AlligatorSpamWich We Want You

Top alliance in s70 is recruiting very active members. This is a peaceful state and NAPs are statewide. We have a rank 15+ in our alliance and consistently hit all levels in alliance showdown. If your alliance has slowed down or seeking a family, hit me up. Must be active, and it least 150 mil might.
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2021.10.28 12:29 je_we_l Total Drama Funny’s Presents: Halloweezy (Part 22/30) 🍿

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2021.10.28 12:29 Whitedudedown Just got EW2 from steam on PC and it's the only game my dualshock 4 has not worked with

The only button that works is the PS button and if I hold it down it just moves the mouse cursor in a random direction. I just finished playing Psychonauts 2 with the same controller I dont get it
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2021.10.28 12:29 tormdra Rest In Pieces - The Spooky Song (1985)

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2021.10.28 12:29 KitsbyGonzo1983 [Kit] Juventus Third 2021-22 with Serie A, Coppa Italia and Champions League badges/captain armbands

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2021.10.28 12:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - HHS: N.J. extends postpartum care to a full year | Washington Times

[Politics] - HHS: N.J. extends postpartum care to a full year | Washington Times submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 12:29 TheBimpo New book from Lanegan on his near-death experience with COVID-19

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2021.10.28 12:29 txtad K8 Hot-Swappable Thickness

Several weeks ago I purchased a non-hot-swap K2 with white backlight. I never could get used to the lack of the dedicated edit key area, so I decided to get a K8. The hot-swappable, RGB version was on sale, so I selected that. I was surprised to find that the bottom of the K8 (the space bar edge, not the literal bottom) is about 1/4" / 6-8mm taller than K2.
Is this because of the hot-swap switches, the RGB feature, or just a K2 - K8 difference?
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2021.10.28 12:29 BlyatusMaximus passing cable

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2021.10.28 12:29 Tedswurf Is my frenzy barb ready for Ubers and clone Diablo?

I have a lvl 87 frenzy barb with standard frenzy skill distribution. Here’s my gear
Wep: Grief phaseblade Wep: Lawbringer phaseblade Helm Kira’s guardian (optional: guillarme) Body: Guardian angel (optional: treachery) Belt: String of ears Boot: Gore riders Gloves: Laying of hands Amu: Highlords Ring: Carrion wind/wedding band//Dwarf staSOJ/not sure here
Given my charms here are other relevant stats AR: ~ 6000 Defense: ~4000 90% res all (with guardian angel and kira) + 50 ias ~13% life on hit
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2021.10.28 12:29 yeetumskeetumm Evil Beethoven

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2021.10.28 12:29 TobiHovey Remember All That SHIB Vitalik Buterin Burned? It’s Now Worth $32.5 Billion

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2021.10.28 12:29 Savage_Tiago Everything is fine...

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2021.10.28 12:29 PerformerMinute7081 Next series to play after Yakuza?

Which series would you recommend after the yakuza series?
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