2021.10.28 10:36 nooffseasondotcom 1998 FLEER 23KT GOLD RED & BLUE BORDER ’86 REPRINT MICHAEL JORDAN PSA 5 EX | eBay

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2021.10.28 10:36 jtmilam Why does Ru critique in the UK but not the US?

I’ll admit I’m new to watching Drag Race UK and I’m finally on this latest season and I’ve noticed that Ru has comments on almost every contestant when they do judging but in the US, she mostly nods or makes jokes while the contestants are there, never giving them direct feedback. Why do y’all think that is? Anybody else noticed this? Am I nuts?
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2021.10.28 10:36 thedkexperience Market Caps: Knowledge of an Idiot, for Idiots

Ok team, gather around. We’re going to talk about market caps.
If this week has shown us anything it’s that nearly anything is possible.
But first before we look at what is possible, let’s first understand 1 thing … expecting ANY coin to overtake Bitcoin or Ethereum in market cap at this point is pure insanity. The 3rd place coin would have to more than quintuple to reach it’s value. And this isn’t an amount that one person or group could pump. In order for Binance Coin to jump Ethereum people would need to drop over 410B more into a coin worth 80B already.
Could it pump? Sure. It might go up 30-50B in any given week for no reason at all. But the raw number of dollars needed to get it into the #2 spot is more than any single person on earth actually has. So let’s just rule those out.
What is important is the 3rd spot. I’m here to tell you that any coin … LITERALLY ANY COIN … could potentially fill the 3rd spot at any time. That’s your next big thing target, 3rd place.
In March, Doge got pumped to 70 billion, which 10x’d the price for a lot of people in just a few days.
Last night Shiba’s market cap got into the mid 50s before a pull back to 36.
Neither was able to hold their assault on the 3rd spot but both made a run at it which is the point. No matter the technicals of any coin the crypto market has shown repeatedly that there are enough people who have the ability to move money around enough to ride a wave in an assault on the 3rd spot.
So next time you’re out there looking to get rich by identifying what really stupid sounding coin will go parabolic for no reason at all, keep in mind that it’s absolute peak in market cap would be about 80B for the 3rd spot. If you don’t want to be left holding a bag, pull the rip cord in the 50B area and absolutely before it hits 70B.
Now all you need to do is guess the right meme coin with a puppy on it.
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2021.10.28 10:36 xan-travels Looking for entry level COBOL programming positions in the US

I will complete the IBM z/OS Mainframe certificate this week and I want to find the sort of large corporation that will have senior developers that I can learn from for my first position with this technology and keep me from making incredibly stupid noob mistakes. I'm a US citizen who is willing to relocate.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.28 10:36 kamimashtta Monogatari Arts (part 2)

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2021.10.28 10:36 TangerineSky75 Troubleshooting rolls w/ Midi QOL

Most of the time my players, and I like the feature "Roll Automation Support" but sometimes I don't understand why it does what it does. I have one player that seems to always rolls disadvantage with ranged attacks and I'm not sure why. (The character is proficient with the weapon, has unobstructed line of sight, the target is not prone, and is more than 10ft away) So the player is constantly toggling this setting in Midi QOL.
I was thinking if I could understand what condition is causing the disadvantage I could fix it for good or at least explain to the player why they are getting disadvantage. Does Foundry have a logging mod or anything I could use to figure out what is going on in game?
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2021.10.28 10:36 No_Face_5059 OG Orochimaru was truly terrifying.

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2021.10.28 10:36 LanJiaoDuaKee [Singapore] 'I was going to die': Unvaccinated COVID-19 patient urges others to get jabbed after near-death experience

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2021.10.28 10:36 Brilliant-Pirate-615 Help please! B4b

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2021.10.28 10:36 JaspersJazzclub Atomstreit: Iran will Atomverhandlungen im November wieder aufnehmen

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2021.10.28 10:36 ThannyDeVito I love playing as Kung Lao, what character is similar to him?

First of all, I'm a complete beginner to the game, I recently got myself MK11 on the Switch and I finished the story and some all of the Klassic Towers with every character (except the DLC ones which I don't own yet) and I found myself loving Kung Lao, his teleport is so much fun because it gives you different moves, his air kick and the spirit you summon are great too. What character offers a similar playstyle?
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2021.10.28 10:36 ZoolShop Paris Fury reveals her sister Romain was left with brain damage after contracting whooping cough

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2021.10.28 10:36 BrownDio1234 Dread it, Run from it.... Destiny arrives all the SAME.

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2021.10.28 10:36 LamarGibbs52 Pink Elvises

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2021.10.28 10:36 hu3k2 より持続可能な、カカオをまったく含まないチョコレートを作る独QOAが約6.8億円のシード調達 | TechCrunch Japan

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2021.10.28 10:36 Julio_Roy15 Sloth Animal Lover

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2021.10.28 10:36 NCGThompson Since STV has fractional votes anyway, why not allow voters to split ranks between candidates by filling two or more bubbles in a column?

Say I can't choose between the top two candidates, so I select both of them in the first column. They each get half a vote each from me. Then, when one of them is eliminated, the continuing candidate gets the whole vote. Or if instead of being eliminated, the candidate was elected with double the votes required, the continuing candidate gets 75% of a vote from me (if you don't understand what I'm talking about look up the mechanics of single transferable vote). Once that candidate is eliminated as well, then my 0.75 votes are split evenly between the continuing candidates in my second column.
The advantages of this is that someone can put more candidates on their ballot than there are columns, and voters don't have to choose between candidates they don't know much about.
My question is why not do this? In single-winner elections one might want to stick with integers, but I don't see why you would mandate one candidate per column in multi-winner STV.
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2021.10.28 10:36 CMSinthehouse Did anyone else notice this?

The goal pole in the Great Tower of Bowser Land has a clear base instead of a brown one! (unfortunately i don't have a picture)
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2021.10.28 10:36 KhaiCanuck Listening to Leonard Cohen's song and saw Wehraboos' comments on it.

Yes. Yes. Not jk. I saw one of their comment mentioned Europa: The Last Battle. Which mean the song was used in that documentary.
And dear gosh, don't let any Nutzi get into this post.
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2021.10.28 10:36 ChrisX-Quard Joran wanneer hij kijkt of hij inderdaad Poco heeft!

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2021.10.28 10:36 3bunnsx Damn lol marlo funny asf 💀

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2021.10.28 10:35 RookieMistake2021 What’s a food item that reminds you of childhood and the good old days?

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2021.10.28 10:35 decool14 Yugioh meme:every meta deck ever portrayed

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2021.10.28 10:35 CopyG TIL The 700 third-class passengers on the TITANIC had to share two bathtubs

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2021.10.28 10:35 Autvin Rearrange Markups according to new scale of plan?

Usually I start takeoff with plans in a scale of 1:100.
As the project progresses I get newer plans in 1:50 and lose all my previously markups.
Is there a way to import the old markups with a reference point and rearrange them accordingly?
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